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This page lists various settings that users can modify to make their game experience more to their liking.

There are two ways to adjust these settings. You can find and modify them inside your doomconfig.cfg file, or you can pull down the console (CTRL + ALT + ~, always the key under the ESC key) while the game is running and type the value directly into the console.


  • seta in_toggleCrouch If set to "1", causes the crouch button to act as a toggle. Defaults to "0"
  • seta in_toggleRun If set to "1", causes the run button to act as a toggle. Defaults to "0"
  • seta in_alwaysRun If set to "1", causes the player to always run. (probably not useful in a stealth game). Defaults to "0"
  • seta pm_lean_toggle If set to "1" causes leaning to work as a toggle. Defaults to "0"

Making Hotkeys

To set hotkeys for inventory items, add the following line(s) to your doomconfig.cfg file, or type them into the console.

  • bind "[button]" "inventory_hotkey [item]"

For example, bind "F1" "inventory_hotkey Flashbomb" will automatically select your flashbomb in inventory when you press F1.

Note that you can use the Controls Menu to set a hotkey for the compass, lantern, (under Weapons) and maps (under Other).

The other inventory objects you may wish to create a hotkey for are:

  • "Spyglass"
  • "Breath Potion"
  • "Health Potion"

You can bind the bow zoom to a hot key with: bind [button] "toggle g_fov 90 45"


  • tdm_frob_weapon_selects_weapon If set to "1" weapons are automatically selected when the respective arrows are frobbed.
  • tdm_weapon_next_on_empty If set to "1" weapons will automatically cycle to the next weapon when you run out (in other words, after you fire your last water arrow you will immediately equip your fire arrows--generally not a good idea.
  • seta tdm_door_auto_open_on_unlock Default setting makes doors swing open automatically when they are unlocked. Set to "0" to make doors stay closed until you frob them.
  • Disable Bow Zoom In script/tdm_weapon_arrow.script there is a line "#define ARROW_ZOOMAMOUNT 60". Changing it to "#define ARROW_ZOOMAMOUNT 90" will disable the bow zoom. If you are using a different fov as 90°, you'll have to set it to the specific number. To apply this change, extract the file from the pk4 (can be opened like a zip file, as they are zips) and put it in a script folder in your darkmod installation (you have to create said folder). Alter the file there. This file will than override the one in the pk4 (literally).

See also Console Useful Controls