Conversion of Game Units

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Things to remember:

1.1 Doom units = 1 inch

See also: Limits, Max, Min, Stats, etc.


To match Blender's grid with the Radiant grid, go to "View"->"View Properties"->"Grid:Spacing" and set it to 10. This matches the DarkRadiant grid set to "1". Usually it's better to just turn on the edge length rendering: (Buttons view: Mesh Tools 1 > Edge Length) to see how large the objects really are.

Discussion notes

Originally written by Fingernail, Ishtvan, Demigod on

  • 1 DromEd unit is roughly 1 foot.
  • 1 DromEd unit is roughly 12 UnrealEd units.
  • 1 Doom Unit is approximately an inch.

Demigod found that 90 doom units = 8 dromed units. It may feel slightly to small height wise but in third person looks spot on.

The average dromed door being 8 by 4 units or 90/45 doom3 units. All the conversion I've done on this map so far uses 90/8*dromedsize = doom3 size.

Note by Ishtvan:

  • 1 Doom unit is supposed to be exactly 1 inch (I've seen in the code where it says "Doom to meters: 0.0254").
  • 1 DromEd unit is I guess approximately 1 foot, so it should be approximately 12 Doom units to 1 DromEd unit.

Note by Springheel:

  • Despite what it says in the code, the agreed upon standard is that 1.1 Doom units basically equals 1 inch. This and looks best in game.

This scale makes 1 Doom unit equal to 2.309 cm.