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written by Fidcal

For general console controls see (Console Useful Controls)

When you want to regularly enter a sequence of several console commands type them into a plain text editor and save the document (any name) in your darkmod folder. If you want to organize them then you can create a new subfolder within the darkmod folder of any name and save these batch command files all in there. I recommend you take care when choosing names not to conflict with existing filenames of course.

It will work with almost any command except obviously things like quit. (I expect you can include a call to another batch file from within a batch file.) So, using the xdata example I created a text file called rexd.exc containing...



Then when I adjust text or format in the xdata file I enter in the console the exec command to execute the commands in the file...

exec rexd.exc (or exec exec/rexd.exc if I put it in an exec subfolder within darkmod) Note that you must include the file suffix. (if you don't want a suffix to save typing time then use exec name. - that is, name plus dot alone which will execute a file without a suffix.) Then map again or...

You can make a macro called say rexdmap.exc and include your map name then it will reload it as well...



map <name>

and of course, once you've entered exec exec/rexdmap.exc you need only cursor up the history to repeat the command over and over very easily while you adjust your text.

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