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Originally written by Ishtvan on

CONTENTS_SOLID = BIT(0), // an eye is never valid in a solid
CONTENTS_OPAQUE = BIT(1), // blocks visibility (for ai)
CONTENTS_WATER = BIT(2), // used for water
CONTENTS_PLAYERCLIP = BIT(3), // solid to players
CONTENTS_MONSTERCLIP = BIT(4), // solid to monsters
CONTENTS_MOVEABLECLIP = BIT(5), // solid to moveable entities
CONTENTS_IKCLIP = BIT(6), // solid to IK
CONTENTS_BLOOD = BIT(7), // used to detect blood decals
CONTENTS_BODY = BIT(8), // used for actors
CONTENTS_PROJECTILE = BIT(9), // used for projectiles
CONTENTS_CORPSE = BIT(10), // used for dead bodies
CONTENTS_RENDERMODEL = BIT(11), // used for render models for collision detection
CONTENTS_TRIGGER = BIT(12), // used for triggers
CONTENTS_AAS_SOLID = BIT(13), // solid for AAS

NOTE: Maybe we can use this one for doors:

CONTENTS_AAS_OBSTACLE = BIT(14), // used to compile an obstacle into AAS that can be enabled/disabled
CONTENTS_FLASHLIGHT_TRIGGER = BIT(15), // used for triggers that are activated by the flashlight
// contents used by utils
CONTENTS_AREAPORTAL = BIT(20), // portal separating renderer areas
CONTENTS_NOCSG = BIT(21), // don't cut this brush with CSG operations in the editor