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Historical Figures

The Prophet Amos

The main prophet of Builder theology, who was said to communicate directly with the Master Builder himself. He was responsible for the founding of the Builder Church, in the year 0. The "Book of Amos" is the most significant part of the Builder Gospels, and establishes that each person will be judged after death according to the work they have done and the things they have built.

Patriarch Gregory IX

Instituted the papal Inquisition in 1231 to bring order and legality to the process of dealing with heresy.

Patriarch Sixtus IV

Granted ecclesiastical courts the right to execute heretics in 1478, giving the Inquisitors full power over the detection, judgement and punishment of heresy.

Bernard of Clairvaux

Author of "The Pagan Problem", a work that describes pagans as inferior and evil. Frequently used to justify discriminatory laws against Pagans. (from "Tears of St. Lucia")

Current Characters

Paschal Murnerus

Inquisitor General of Bridgeport (from "Tears of St. Lucia")

Cardinal Laurenti

Another Inquisitor General, and a puritan. Brought the Courts of the Inquisition to Braeden. (from "Builders' Influence")