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From time to time the Wiki needs a spring cleaning. This page gives a step-by-step guide on how to find and eliminate problems:

Fix Broken things

Fix all the found errors by making sure the following lists are empty:

  1. Special:DoubleRedirects
  2. Special:BrokenRedirects
  3. Special:Uncategorizedimages
  4. Special:Uncategorizedpages (with exceptions)
  5. Special:Unusedcategories
  6. Special:Unusedimages
  7. Special:Unusedtemplates
  8. Special:Wantedcategories
  9. Special:Wantedpages

Cleanup Articles

Any article in the Category:Cleanup needs attention. Do whatever is necessary, then remove the appropriate template from the article. This will also remove the article from the cleanup categories automatically.