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CTRL + ALT + ~ This will open the console.
GOD - god mode
Notarget - Makes AI ignore you.
Noclip - fly trough wall
Kill - suicide

Object spawning
Only one at a time, and it gets spawned in the world in front of you so you have to pick it up; if you can't find them, try looking upwards a bit more.)
spawn atdm:weapon_blackjack
spawn atdm:weapon_shortsword

spawn atdm:ammo_broadhead
spawn atdm:ammo_firearrow
spawn atdm:ammo_gasarrow
spawn atdm:ammo_mossarrow
spawn atdm:ammo_noisemaker
spawn atdm:ammo_ropearrow
spawn atdm:ammo_waterarrow
spawn atdm:ammo_waterarrow inv_ammo_amount 50
spawn atdm:ammo_ropearrow inv_ammo_amount 50
spawn atdm:ammo_mossarrow inv_ammo_amount 50
spawn atdm:ammo_gasarrow inv_ammo_amount 50
spawn atdm:ammo_firearrow inv_ammo_amount 50
spawn atdm:ammo_noisemaker inv_ammo_amount 50
spawn atdm:ammo_broadhead inv_ammo_amount 50