Changing Movement Speed

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To change the walkspeed, you must use

seta pm_walkspeed <value>

in the console.

seta pm_crouchmod <value> (for crouch)
seta pm_creepmod <value> (for creeping)
seta pm_runmod <value> (for running)

There was a problem with the engine resetting the walkspeed every time, so I put in a quick hack to set it to the archived value. However, an unintended consequence of this seems to be that you have to use that "seta" syntax and can't just use "pm_walkspeed <number>" to set it, otherwise it gets reset to the old value.

Btw, I'm finding a walkspeed around 65 or so to be just right right for me... 60 is a tad slow, 70 is a tad fast.

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