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Currently, articles are broadly divided into two main types:

  • Tutorials
  • everything else


These are:

  • comprehensive, step-by-step guides,
  • the reader does usually not need to know the topic beforehand to follow the tutorial,
  • they contain more text than just one or two paragraphs
  • they have (preferable) explanatory images

Anything that doesn't really fit as a tutorial is considered to be just an article.


Tutorial articles are tagged with templates that start with {{tutorial-, like {{tutorial-water}}.

Everything that doesn't really fit to be a tutorial is tagged with a template that just consists of the topic of the article, like {{textures}} or {{water}}.

While you can add more than one template, you must use only one kind of template to tag articles! See Assigning your Page to a Category for how to do add the correct template.


Currently, the templates sort articles into categories by the following scheme:

     Water Tutorials
     Texture Tutorials
     ... and so on
     ... and so on
     Texture Tutorials
   Texture Tutorials
   Water Tutorials
   .. and so on
 .. and so on
  1. Each category contains all the articles from the sub-categories, too (except the Documentation category).
  2. Each editing subcategory also contains the appropriate tutorial category.
  3. The Tutorial category contains only tutorial articles.
  4. The Editing category contains all editing articles, including tutorials.

This means the Editing category contains all the articles from the Water category, as well as all Water tutorial articles, plus the Water and the Water Tutorials category.

At each point in the category tree the user can thus find all articles that are currently in this topic, plus a list of sub-categories. Selecting one subcategory will limit the number of displayed articles to just this sub-category and the contained categories. So going further down, the number of articles will get smaller and smaller until the user reaches the last category.