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The corresponding entityDefs are atdm:mover_multistate and atdm:mover_elevator.

This mover supports several target positions. The primary "clients" of this class are elevators, of course.

The positions are defined by so-called CMultiStateMoverPosition entities, which are placed by the mapper. It also takes care of triggering/activating the func_aas_obstacle entities, which are needed for the AI to pathfind on elevator stations.

The triggering ("activating") entity needs to carry a "position" spawnarg so that the elevator knows where to move to.


  • forward_direction (vector) This defines the "forward direction" of this elevator (default is '0 0 1', i.e. upwards). This is needed to control the gear direction of any attached movers.
  • control_gear_direction (1/0) Set this to 1 to let this mover control the direction of targetted rotaters, depending on whether the mover is moving forward/backwards.
  • trigger_on_reached (1/0) Set to 1 if the mover should trigger its targets when a position is reached.
  • trigger_on_leave (1/0) Set to 1 if the mover should trigger its targets when leaving from a position.
  • move_speed (float) is inherited from idMover. Defines the world units per second to move between floors.
  • move_time (float) is inherited from idMover. Don't use this, it makes the mover slower when it's nearer to its goal.

Script Events

  • <no special event>

C++ Methods and Events

The CMultiStateMover works closely together with the CMultiStateMoverPosition and CMultiStateMoverButton classes. There is a lot of communication going on between these, to handle the AAS obstacle stuff and to let AI know which buttons to use at which elevator station.