Builder Roads

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The Builder Church is always continuing its mission to tame and civilize the land. Outside the city, new monasteries (more like small fortresses) are built to protect and cultivate the nearby resources.

Builder road

They are the only places beyond sight of the city walls where a civilized man can feel safe, and they are therefore heavily used by merchants, mercenaries, and any others who cannot travel by ship. The roads between the larger and more prosperous monastaries are often paved with flagstones and patrolled by builder guards. Deeper in the wilds, travelers are grateful for a dirt path and a straw bed.

Older monasteries can come to look like small villages, with inns, taverns and blacksmiths springing up either inside or outside the monastery walls.

By collecting tithes from travelers, the Builders gain a great deal of wealth to finance future building projects. It also increases their control over what (and who) reaches the city, since undesirables can be denied the protection of the monastery. There are plenty of things that could happen to travelers sleeping out in the wilds--such a traveler might never make it to their destination.

Because the Builders control overland travel, most smuggling is done by ship.