Attaching Items

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General method of attaching one entity to another:

Use bind to bind entities to other entities, eg, a flame to a moveable candle; a notice on a door. You must use bind on the attachment, eg, to attach a doorknocker to a door you would put on the knocker:

bind <doorname>

Note that if you bind a atdm:mover_door_handle entity to a door it automatically works as a moveable handle.

Use bindOrientated in addition to bind so the bound item doesn't turn with the item it is bound to but remains pointing in its start orientation similar to a piston attached to a locomotive drive wheel.

bind can also be used to attach items to AI, eg, a purse to a guard's belt but you must also use bindToJoint in addition to bind on AI's to specify which joint of the body to attach to. The most common joint name is LeftHips_Dummy or RightHips_Dummy.

There is some doubt as to its effect if the AI is KO'd or killed that the body might jerk around because of the bind so consider also using other means (see below.)

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