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There are two ways to put an article (or even a category itself) into another category:

  1. by using templates (this should be prefered)
  2. by manually adding category tags

Using Templates

Especially for tutorial and editing pages, several templates exist that make categorizing a page even easier. Just include the one (or more than one) of the following templates at the bottom of each page:

 {{tutorial-water}}     etc.

For wiki pages use this template:


Note: if the article name does not start with the main topic, you must use the sort parameter to adjust the sorting order. For instance, an article about creating headlines that is named "Creating a headline" would by default be sorted under "C", but it should be actually under "H". So include the template like this:


These templates make sure that the article is put into all the relevant categories, please review the Categorizing guideline article for the reasoning behind the current categorization scheme.

Please see the list of templates and the list of tutorial templates for what templates are available.

Manual Categorizing

This is easy, just add this to the bottom of your article:


Where SomeCategory should be replaced by the name of the chosen category.

Please note that an article can belong to mutiple categories, this is not a problem, just list all of them:


After adding your page to any category, it will be automatically listed on the overview page of this category. Category overview pages can be linked to by the prefix Category: in front of the name, like this Category:Editing.

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