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Dark Mod AI carry out idle animations by default. Mappers can choreograph characters to carry out both single or sequences of animations and postures such as sitting, sleeping, spoon-stirring to add atmosphere and story to their FMs. An AI can also be blinded, KO'd, killed etc by various triggers. The methods are described here and some possible animations are also listed below.

Patrolling and Path animations

AI can be made to turn, wait, walk (patrol) to chosen positions and/or to carry out an anim defined in a path_anim entity. These can also be triggered with or without patrolling. For details see Path Nodes


AI can be made to sit down. Details at Sitting Behaviour for AI


AI can be made to sleep. Details at Sleeping AI

Conversations and Animations

AI will carry out an anim defined in a atdm:conversation_info entity. For details see Conversations

Responses from Stims

Stims and Responses can be used to provide various effects: to blind an AI temporarily, to cause a KO or the death of the AI, etc. For details see Stims and Responses

Changing Idle Animations

// greebo: Comma-separated list of anims

// Animations affecting all channels (refer to anim names in the AI's modelDef)
"idle_animations" "idle_cough,idle_cough02,idle_armwipe,idle_arm_scratch,idle_sneeze,idle_adjusting_belt,idle_eat,idle_spit,idle_shifting1,idle_shifting2,idle_nose_wipe,idle_stretch,idle_stretch02,idle_standontoes,idle_check_hand,idle_scuff"

// Animations only playing on the torso channel. Applicable anytime.
"idle_animations_torso" "idle_cough,idle_cough02,idle_armwipe,idle_arm_scratch,idle_sneeze,idle_adjusting_belt,idle_eat,idle_spit,idle_stretch,idle_check_hand"

// Animations only playing on the torso channel while the AI is sitting. Applicable anytime.
"idle_animations_sitting" "idle_sit_2,idle_sit_shift1,idle_sit_cough01,idle_sit_armdrop01,idle_sit_tap01,idle_sit_neckscratch"
"idle_animations_interval" "25" // in seconds +/- 20%

Animations Names List

There is a list of animation names you can use at Animation List

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