Adding Offset Values for Specific AI

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This information is basically obselete with our new attachment system.

All EntityDefs for attachable objects have two values -- an Offset value that determines their position relative to their attached joint, and an Angle value that determines what angle they're at.

The default values for these do not always work ideally for every AI, so it is possible to edit the entityDef to give values for specific AI.

The default values would be used unless there is a value set for a specific AI:

It would look like this:

entityDef prop_helmet_test {
   "inherit"                           "func_static"
   "model"                             "models/darkmod/props/kitchen/chamberpot.lwo"  
   "joint"                             "Head"    
   "origin"                            "2 -10 0"
   "angles"                            "10 190 80"
   "origin_atdm:ai_builder_guard"      "0 0 20"
   "angles_atdm:ai_builder_guard"      "0 0 0"
   "remove"                            "0"

That would set a different set of values for the builder guard AI.