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Creating Poses

  • Open your scene.
  • Turn on the Character Set (citywatch_body)
  • Go to the frame on the timeline which shows the pose you want to save.
  • Set a keyframe if this pose is not already keyed.
  • Press F2 to set the menubar to Animation.
  • Create a pose. Animate -> Create Pose (Select option Box to change it's name).
  • Open the visor. Window -> General Editors -> Visor.
  • In the Character Poses tab RMB click and select Export.

Start with a clean file

  • Delete any poses/anim clips in the Window, General Editors, Visor, Character clips tab AND Character poses tab.

Import pose to the character set

  • Open the visor and go to the Unused Poses tab (Not Unused Clips). Press RMB -> File -> Import
  • Choose the pose file ( or in the proguard/clips folder)
  • Activate character set

Time line.jpg

  • Open the trax editor. Window -> Animation Editors -> Trax Editor.
  • Click the icon with a red stick figure and a + to activate the character track called citywatch_body.
  • Go back to the visor and drag(MMB) the pose in the unused poses tab from the visor to the citywatch_body track in the trax editor.

Apply pose to animation

  • The pose is now attached to the character set and you can delete the pose clip from the trax editor and in the "Unused poses" tab in the visor.
  • Go to frame 0 and RMB -> Apply Pose on the pose file in the visor (Character Poses tab)
  • If you have autokey turned on it will key the whole pose, otherwise select a controller and set a keyframe which will also set keys on all the controllers for the new pose. It's a good idea to go to the last frame and set a key there as well, to make sure your character returns to the same pose once the animation is finished.
  • Remember to deactivate the characters set (see image above) if you want to start animating, otherwise you will keep putting keys on all controls regardless of which one is selected.