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"Teach Yourself Dark Mod In One Day!" by Fidcal

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This is an index to significant subsections in A - Z Beginner Full Guide

This index is manually created
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AI Game Characters
AI keys, loot, etc, pickpocketing.
AI Patrols, Walking Routes
AI relationships, friends & enemies
Ambient Light
Ambient Sound : music, etc.
Ammo, inventory
Archiving, zipping up mission, distribution
Arrows, ammo, inventory

Basement room
Books & Scrolls, readable
Books & Scrolls, static
Books, text creation, xdata
Briefing, Story
Brushes, Shaping, Cutting
Brushes, Clipper, cutting, dividing
Buttons, Switches, & Triggers
Buy ammo, equipment, pre-game store

Camera View
Caulk: Hidden Surfaces
Chests, containers
Chests, containers, items within
Chests, containers, Locking of
Climbables, ladders, vines, drainpipes
Clipper, cutting, dividing brushes
Compiling, Dmap
Containers, chests
Containers, chests, items within
Containers, chests, Locking of
Corridors, Recesses
Cutting, dividing brushes by cloning
Cutting, dividing brushes by cloning
Cutting, dividing brushes with Clipper
Cutting, dividing brushes with CSG
CSG, Cutting, dividing brushes

Dark Radiant Filters
Designing a mission Disabling distant entities for performance
Distribution, Zipping up, archiving mission
Dividing brushes with Clipper
Dividing brushes by cloning
Dmap Compiling
Doors, functioning, opening

Equipment, player tools, weapons, inventory
Errors, overlapping
Errors, Z-fighting

File management
Filters, Dark Radiant
Fires, Fireplaces

Hidden Surfaces, Caulk

Inventory, player tools, weapons, equipment

Joining Rooms


Ladders, climbables, vines, drainpipes
Lifts, Elevators
Lights, main
Lights Adjustment
Lights Ambient
Lights Brightness,Colour
Lights, candles
Lights Creation
Lights objects
Lights, radius, close to wall
Lights Resizing
Lights, torch
Locking a Door, Chest, etc.
Loot placement
Loot count total

Managing mission files
Maps in-game, adding to mission
Maps in-game, background gui file
Maps in-game, intro
Maps in-game, foreground details
Maps in-game, foreground details file
Maps in-game, inventory icon
Mission files management
Moving in one plane
Music : ambience sound, etc.

Objectives: intro, thinking up
Objectives: Location
Objectives: Putting in Mission
Objectives: special objects
Objectives: Triggering Complete
Objects, special

Patches intro
Pathfinding Default
Patrols, AI Walking Routes
Performance, disabling distant entities
Pickpocketing:Giving AI keys, loot, etc.
Player Start Point
Player tools, weapons, equipment, inventory
Portalizing, visportals
Projects management
Purchase, pre-game store, ammo, equipment

Rain, snow
Readables: Static Book & Scrolls
Readables: readable Book & Scrolls
Readables: text creation, xdata
Recesses, Corridors
Relationships, AI, friends & enemies
Response Creation 1
Response Creation 2
Room : basement
Room Design
Room : first
Room Hollowing
Room upstairs

Scrolls & Books, readable
Scrolls & Books, static
Scrolls, text creation, xdata
Shaping, Cutting Brushes
Shop, pre-game store, purchase, buy
Single-plane Shifting
Snow, rain
Sound : ambience, music, etc.
Sound propogation
Sound Effects: Rainfall
Start ammo, inventory
Start Point for Player
Stims & Responses Introduction
Stim Creation
Store, pre-game, buy equipment, ammo
Story, Briefing
Subtract brush from brush with CSG
Switches, Buttons, & Triggers

Teams, AI relationships, friends & enemies
Testing your mission
Text creation for readables, xdata
Surface Inspector, Texture Alignment
Texture adjustment
Texture Alignment, Surface Inspector
Texture Lock
Texturing Brushes
Texturing Surfaces
Tools - player, weapons, equipment, inventory
Torch, Lights
Triggers, Switches, & Buttons

Upstairs room


Walking, AI patrols, routes
Weapons, player tools, equipment, inventory
Weapons, ammo, inventory

xdata, text creation for readables

Yard Doorway

Zipping up, archiving mission, distribution
Z-Fighting Errors

"Teach Yourself Dark Mod In One Day!" by Fidcal

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