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This article serves as an overview of all the Models (static, stationary models) available for mission building in The Dark Mod, via the DarkRadiant editor. Note that the editor itself doesn't house these crucial assets, it relies on the assets available in the base game.

Only the Models that are currently a part of core TDM (the base game) are listed in this database. Custom additions to Fan Missions, made by individual authors for individual missions, will not be listed here, unless they become accepted and integrated into the core game.

All of the models listed in this database are current for TDM 2.05. Feel free to udpate the list full list to version 2.06 and higher whenever you'll have the time to do so.

For animated/in-motion models and content, please see Entities and the Entity Database.

Models overview

An overview of (static) models available for level building a.k.a. mapping.

"darkmod" folder

The main folder for most of the models commonly used in The Dark Mod. The overviews listed below are arranged according to the folder's main subfolders, each representing a different broad type of models. The order is alphabetical, as in DarkRadiant's model browser.

Table TBA, WIP

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