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<font size="3">Taking the bold new features introduced in 2.06 and improving stability  
<font size="3">Taking the bold new features introduced in 2.06 and improving their stability  
<br>was the intended goal of the 2.07 release cycle.
<br>was the intended goal of the 2.07 release cycle.

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Version 2.07 of The Dark Mod has not been released yet.

See the roadmap on our bugtracker.

The Dark Mod 2.07 Stability Release

Taking the bold new features introduced in 2.06 and improving their stability
was the intended goal of the 2.07 release cycle.

With that said, 2.07 has a number of new tricks up it's sleeve
so you'll still get a few new features along with the bulk of the bug fixed code.

Important CVARS


  • r_useFBO: enables/disables FBO rendering. It is now ON by default.
  • r_fboResolution: coefficient for internal rendering resolution (takes effect only when FBO is on). 2 means double resolution. Works like SSAA. Very high performance cost.
  • r_softshadowsradius: Determines how large the light center is for light sources. Negative value overrides emitter_size spawnarg. (partly configurable in video settings GUI)
  • r_softshadowsquality: Determines how many gradients for shadows. Larger values produce smoother blending at more performance cost. (configurable in video settings GUI)


  • r_ambientMinLevel: adds specified value to ambient light (linear correction).
  • r_ambientGamma: applies specified gamma exponent to ambient light (gamma correction).
  • r_shadows 2: enables new "Maps" implementation of shadows. (configurable in video settings GUI)
  • r_shadowMapSize: defines resolution of shadow maps with "Maps" implementation of shadows. More = better, less = faster.
  • r_frobhelper_active: 1 = Activate, 2 = Deactivate
  • r_frobhelper_alpha: Opacity of the FrobHelper cursor
  • r_frobhelper_ignore_size: FrobHelper is not shown for objects bigger than this specified size along any axis
  • r_frobhelper_fadein_delay: FrobHelper is shown after a certain delay
  • r_frobhelper_fadein_duration: FrobHelper is faded in over this specified duration
  • r_frobhelper_fadeout_duration: FrobHelper is faded out over this specified duration


While the list of AI changes is a little short in the release, many of the fixes
were quite complex projects and have widespread impact on the immersive quality of missions.

  • AI react properly to flashbomb attacks while seated
  • AI properly return to seated coordinates after being interrupted from patrol routes
  • Improved the way that AI respond to the player escaping to dark ledges
  • AI can now handle bodies (ragdolls) obstructing door closure
  • Fire Elemental deemed complete. Further changes are enhancement requests.
  • AI think loops have been restructured to reduce anomalies with interrupted animation



By making "Framebuffer Objects" (FBO) the default rendering mode and implementing true
Multisample Antialiasing (MSAA), TDM 2.07 will now allow users to change nearly every
standard graphic quality setting without restarting the game!

Shadow quality inches closer to the Holy Grail of true physically correct penumbra behavior
with the arrival of Shadow Maps with "contact hardening" Percentage Closer Soft Shadows (PCSS)!

Shadow Maps also offer performance advantages in scenes that are normally CPU bound
when in Stencil Shadows mode.

(Due to having to do skinning and silhouette calculations on the CPU in Stencil Shadow mode.)

  • Finished the move to FBO-based rendering and implemented proper antialiasing (MSAA).
 It is recommended to reset config file, or at least set "r_useFBO 1" and "r_fboResolution 1" manually.
  • Numerous FBO-related fixes: reloadImages now works, quickload no longer crashes, no more duplicate renders, etc.
  • New experimental mode of rendering shadows ("Maps") --- can be switched on in Video/Advanced menu.
  • Softness of soft shadows can be controlled by "emitter_size" spawnarg.
 Beware: "Maps" and "Stencil" modes of rendering shadows treat it in absolutely different way!
  • Added "soft gamma": implementation of gamma correction not subject to color banding.
 See cvars r_ambientMinLevel and r_ambientGamma.
  • Lanterns no longer flicker when climbing ladders


3D positional sound and reverb have been vastly improved in the release!

  • Enabled HRTF by default for better positional sound: works properly only with headphones.
  • New syntax for EFX files (Version 2): allows using presets from openal-soft.
 ( See syntax in http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=4815 (to be added to wiki page later) ).
  • Sounds which should not be affected by environment are marked as no_efx.
  • Fixed some sounds which had (incorrect) stereo encoding. Converting to mono fixed 3D positional behavior
  • MANY Missing impact sounds added
  • Added sound shader definitions for some previously unreferenced sounds, including ambient sounds and AI speech samples


TDM 2.07 goes further with the process to modernize coding standards in TDM.
More legacy OpenGL functions have been replaced with modern techniques.
C++ Library management and compiling have been improved.
Finally, performance optimizations have been applied to the rendering framework,
game code, and code base in general.

  • Mouse sensitivity in the main menu should be similar to one in Windows.
  • Precision fixes: dmap and collision-related gameplay are affected.
  • tdm_update: probably improved VCRedist installation, built Linux 64-bit version.
  • Moved closer to Doom 3 BFG Vertex Buffer management (better multi-core stability)
  • More SIMD instructions used to improve performance ( 64-bit rendering now has performance parity to 32-bit )
  • Lightgem is now defined in it's own "view" to better match native rendering conventions
  • FFMPEG now utilizes SMP
  • Envshot is fixed and can also capture the skybox


Many quality textures, models, and materials were added by both Team members and
community contributors over the 2.06 to 2.07 cycle.

  • Epifire's Security Camera
  • Springheel's Church modules
  • Springheel's updated head models
  • Springheel's particle effects
  • Grayman's Grandfather Clock prefab
  • Spooks light texture
  • Rsoul's Chain models and Interior Module fixes
  • Undetermined number of assets held back from the end of 2.06?


  • "Frob helper" feature provides a small screen center indicator when frobbing small object
  • Mission Download page now has a "Download All" button
  • Softness slider for soft shadows
  • Added a toggle for Stencil Shadows vs Shadow Maps
  • Added "Look Up" and "Look Down" key configurations
  • Splash screen aspect ratios corrected


  • Remote listening support
  • Prefab Traps (scripts and models)
  • Inactivity Trigger script
  • Doubled air regaining speed after dive (Full refill now takes about 8 seconds)

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