What's new in TDM 2.03

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See the roadmap on our bugtracker.


  • AI will react if they are hit by an opening door (grayman)


  • The loading bar now accurate reflects the amount of time it takes a mission to load (grayman)
  • the LOD system has been extended to cover AI and animated objects (SteveL)


  • numerous new models and skins have been added to the mod (Springheel)
  • several new light entities have been added (Springheel)
  • A number of entities are now using the LOD system by default, allowing for higher poly models close up (Springheel)
  • loot textures have been given more shine to make them a bit easier to pick out (Springheel)


  • Main menu now lists the currently installed mission (grayman)


  • Various script events for string manipulation have been added. (Tels)

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