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See also the changelog on our bugtracker.

Version 2.00 of The Dark Mod has been released on 2013-10-08.

Changes / Features / Issues fixed

  • #578: falling on a lowering platform doesn't properly subtract the relative velocity, so you get more hurt than you should (Design/Coding) (grayman)
  • #1104: Gas arrows leak through glass and doors (AI) (grayman)
  • #1184: Glass doors - spawnarg to disable portal closing (Mapping) (grayman)
  • #1188: Target entity for easy changing of AI sound loss on portals (Mapping) (grayman)
  • #1771: Need minimum time (or some control method) between barks of different alert levels (AI)(angua)
  • #2416: Sleeping AI can fall through the ground when they wake up (AI) (grayman)
  • #2527: Give weapons to archers (AI) (grayman)
  • #2533: Archers run into player at melee range (AI) (grayman)
  • #2624: Buggy AI prop lantern (AI) (grayman)
  • #2682: Savegame names with dots overwrite each other (Loading\Saving) (tels)
  • #2752: Changing AIs from neutral to enemies during game does not work unless the AIs bump into each other. (AI) (grayman)
  • #2829: Flashbombs should reduce AI hearing as well. (AI) (grayman)
  • #2924: AI react too fast to missing objects (AI) (grayman)
  • #2925: AI should look at target when warning (AI) (grayman)
  • #2953: Add _Propogated_ material-specific bounce sounds to ragdolls (Coding) (Springheel)
  • #2964: Combat: Enemy AI get stuck after hitting each other once (AI) (grayman)
  • #2966: Get rid of hardcoded ~/doom3 path on Linux (coding) (tels)
  • #3009: Blocking AI in chair traps them in place (AI) (grayman)
  • #3042: Open visportals do not propagate sound loss to player. (Sound System) (grayman)
  • #3100: Having an unaccessible path_flee_point breaks AI fleeing behavior (AI) (grayman)
  • #3108: Merge 7318's 3D Skybox Code (coding) (7318 and grayman)
  • #3125: Revising Framework/FileSystem for clarity (coding) (taaaki)
  • #3128: Movable Oil lamps behave strangely (Script/Def) (grayman)
  • #3140: Use "taking fire" soundshader when AI hit by arrows (AI) (grayman)
  • #3159: Update longsword model (Models) (Springheel)
  • #3166: After putting away sword AI still uses weapon_idle (Coding) (grayman)
  • #3181: Examine which barks should propogate to friendly AI (AI) (Springheel)
  • #3182: Idle animations can interrupt idle barks. (AI) (grayman)
  • #3195: Prevent TDM from running as root (coding) (taaaki)
  • #3201: Replace D3 Heads (Models) (Springheel)
  • #3202: Mute AI can engage in greetings (AI) (grayman)
  • #3203: Crouch-walking on stone can NEVER alert AI (AI) (Springheel)
  • #3209: Missing idMover::Events (Coding) (tels)
  • #3217: Need script event to set text of objective (Objectives) (tels)
  • #3223: Add ability for individual entities to randomly not spawn (Coding) (tels)
  • #3228: Adding Sound loss on regular visportals (Sound System) (grayman)
  • #3232: add a way for scripts to query the TDM version (Script/Def) (tels)
  • #3239: getRadius() script event is missing from lights (Script/Def) (tels)
  • #3257: Remove D3 setup scripts (Coding) (tels)
  • #3258: Stealth score doesn't include arrow alerts? (Coding) (grayman)
  • #3259: I18n.pl missing certain inventory name-setting syntax (coding) (tels)
  • #3260: Change the way scriptEvents are declared (Coding) (greebo)
  • #3261: Updater and in-game downloader choke on some HTTP responses (TDM Updater)(tels)
  • #3263: snd_opened does not work on sliding doors (Coding) (grayman)
  • #3264: Noshadows_lod_x spawnarg actually affects (x-1) LOD (Coding) (tels)
  • #3271: add getDifficultyLevel() script event (Script/Def) (tels)
  • #3277: Add getBoolKey() to scripting interface (Script/Def) (tels)
  • #3278: Snow particle effect dosent render in certain situations: (AI) (grayman)
  • #3280: AI Used to take cover from player; no longer working (AI) (grayman)
  • #3282: add getShouldered(), getDragged() and getGrabbed() script events (Script/Def) (tels)
  • #3285: atdm:ai_townsfolk_commoner has broken skin (Def / Setup) (tels)
  • #3286: Eating food can crash with ERROR:idRenderWorld::UpdateEntityDef: index = -1 (coding)(tels)
  • #3287: MapShutdown() is called twice during shutdown (Coding) (tels)
  • #3288: add floor() and ceil() script events (Script/Def) (tels)
  • #3289: add setViewAngles() to idPlayer (Script/Def) (tels)
  • #3290: When getting up, sitting AI might use the getting up from sleeping animation (AI) (grayman)
  • #3291: AI play wrong vocal when drowning (AI) (grayman)
  • #3292: Wrong objective level names in end mission screen (Design/Coding) (grayman)
  • #3293: Water Impact sounds (Sound) (Springheel)
  • #3294: Integrated Mission Downloader has inconsistent mission handling (for some missions) (Tweaking) (tels)
  • #3297: There is no ko_script spawnarg for AI. (Design/Coding) (tels)
  • #3302: Placing the playerstart inside a trigger_once_entityname causes crash. (Coding) (tels)
  • #3307: The "finished mission" mark is missing on line 10 (GUI) (tels)
  • #3309: Too easy to kill AI with arrows. (Def / Setup) (Springheel)
  • #3310: Civilian AI should flee when encountering dead body. (AI) (grayman)
  • #3313: Picked pockets are counted twice (Design/Coding) (grayman)
  • #3314: Found bodies of enemies killed by player do not count to 'Bodies found' (Coding) (grayman)
  • #3315: Second identical item pickpocketed does not count to "Pockets picked" statistic (Coding) (grayman)
  • #3316: Pickup messages for stackable objects do not include count information. (Coding) (grayman)
  • #3317: AI need ability to react to sudden deaths of nearby AI (AI) (grayman)
  • #3318: Find someone to do Yandros's script (sound) (Springheel)
  • #3322: pagan belt is black (AI) (Springheel)
  • #3323: Need support for AI greeting pagans and beggars (AI) (grayman)
  • #3325: Need barks for civilians fleeing after seeing body (AI) (Springheel)
  • #3330: Correct incorrect AI ranks (AI) (grayman)
  • #3331: AI have several problems when entering Combat (AI) (grayman)
  • #3332: Some electric lights not working recently (Def / Setup) (grayman)
  • #3335: Replace D3 impact sounds (Sound) (Springheel)
  • #3338: AI Greetings should have additional limits (AI) (grayman)
  • #3340: Sound is leaking out of area it shouldn't (Sound) (grayman)
  • #3341: AI do not do random head-turning when searching? (AI) (Springheel)
  • #3343: Human AIs don't see monsters (AI) (grayman)
  • #3345: Flame based lights not working in Standalone TDM (Coding) (Springheel)
  • #3347: Next batch of sounds to replace (Sound) (Springheel)
  • #3348: Rig new skeleton (AI) (Springheel)
  • #3349: Rusted builder needs new arms and legs (AI) (Springheel)
  • #3351: Game crashes on load if no FM in fms folder. (TDM Launcher) (taaaki)
  • #3353: Crashing Upon Approaching Mine(s) With Lockpicks Drawn To Disarm (Saving/Loading) (grayman)
  • #3355: AI react too quickly to barks that include messages (AI) (grayman)
  • #3356: AI respond too quickly to audible alerts (AI) (grayman)
  • #3357: Fleeing AI problem at path_flee (AI) (grayman)
  • #3358: Cannonball damages player differently than AI (AI) (grayman)
  • #3360: Standalone textures needed (Textures) (Springheel)
  • #3361: atdm:moveable_torch1 does not extinguish if dropped sideways (Script/Def) (grayman)
  • #3363: Drop body sound using blackjack sheath? (Sound) (Springheel)
  • #3368: Envshot is broken in TheDarkMod.exe (coding) (taaaki)
  • #3370: Moveables can hurt the player and AI (Physics) (grayman)
  • #3372: AI not playing pain animation (AI) (grayman)
  • #3373: Builder2 vocals missing monster barks (AI) (Springheel)
  • #3375: Sleeping Builder in Outpost not sleeping (AI) (grayman)
  • #3381: Briefing videos are broken (GUI) (grayman)
  • #3385: Blood Decals not dropping? (textures) (Springheel)
  • #3386: Blood Decals fading away (textures)(grayman)
  • #3387: Change the TDM revision number from 1.09 to 2.00 (Coding) (grayman)
  • #3388: Issue with Transaction scripted scene *spoilers* (Def / Setup) (grayman)
  • #3389: Inaccurate AI positioning on elevators (AI) (grayman)
  • #3390: Door Handling -- AI couldn't open half-open door. (AI) (grayman)
  • #3391: Allow warnings and crashes when def entities don't exist (Coding) (grayman)
  • #3392: flickering light entities not working properly (Def / Setup) (Springheel)
  • #3393: TDM 2.00 crashes Alberic's Curse (Coding) (grayman)
  • #3394: Ragdoll AI not propagating sounds properly (Sound) (grayman)
  • #3395: Create/re-enable voice volume slider in main menu (Sound) (grayman)
  • #3396: Need to distinguish between sleeping on bed and sleeping on floor (AI) (grayman)
  • #3397: Stange sound distortion in Let Sleeping Thieves Lie (Sound) (Springheel)
  • #3399: Func_portals disable info_locationseperator entities. (Design/Coding) (grayman)
  • #3401: Drowning broken? (Def / Setup) (Springheel)
  • #3402: atdm:lamp_electric_square_1_lit is too bright (Def / Setup) (Springheel)
  • #3403: Alpha layer borked in texture - textures/darkmod/decals/dirt/stain01bwet (textures) (Springheel)
  • #3404: Gas arrows not putting out torches? (Physics) (Springheel)
  • #3406: [GUI] Voice audio settings are not translated (tels)
  • #3410: [Distribution] TDM 2.0 beta exits with error code on startup (taaaki)
  • #3411: [Coding] Common difficulty names are not translated (tels)
  • #3413: [Sound] Swimming and splashing (jump into water) do not propagate sound to AI (Springheel)
  • #3414: [AI] Eliminate or reduce wavering in AI walk (grayman)
  • #3415: [AI] AI greeting can occur too often for stationary AI or multiple AI in a group (grayman)
  • #3419: [Coding] in-game downloader does not randomize the server URLs (tels)
  • #3420: [AI] Daggers don't have replacement anims (Springheel)
  • #3422: [AI] AI ignore breaking glass of gas arrow (Springheel)
  • #3423: [AI] Idle barks during searches (grayman)
  • #3424: [AI] A group of guards can search for too long (grayman)
  • #3425: [AI] New walk causes clipping with pauldrons (Springheel)
  • #3426: [AI] Head 06 has see-through mouth (Springheel)
  • #3430: [AI] AI giving 'return to idle' bark after search (grayman)
  • #3431: [AI] AI think they see you when coming out of blind state. (grayman)
  • #3432: [Textures] Some decals not transparent enough (Springheel)
  • #3435: [AI] Zombie missing a sound/swing for melee attack (Springheel)
  • #3438: [AI] There should be no rampdown barks in Observant State (grayman)
  • #3440: [Def / Setup] Zombies should not take damage from arrows; visual indicator needed (Springheel)
  • #3443: [Sound] Weight "question" greetings higher (Springheel)
  • #3445: [AI] AI goes into alert_idle because of rats. (grayman)
  • #3448: [AI] An AI passing a conversation is allowed to greet the conversation AI (grayman)
  • #3449: [AI] Alert index check problem in conversations (grayman)
  • #3450: [AI] Zombie IK not on (Springheel)
  • #3452: [Physics] Moveable planks don't fall realistically (grayman)
  • #3455: [Sound] Something is wrong with soundprop to player (grayman)
  • #3461: [Sound] Check player volume for footsteps (Springheel)
  • #3462: [AI] AI should turn head to look at doors opening (grayman)
  • #3468: [AI] Zombies kneel while searching (Springheel)
  • #3471: [Sound] Default "snd_footstep" not playing for AI (grayman)
  • #3473: [Animation] AI sometimes get "stuck" leaning back (grayman)
  • #3476: [Models] Nobleman head has bad weighting around mouth (Springheel)
  • #3484: [AI] Sword attachment points need adjusting (Springheel)
  • #3485: [Coding] Landing when crouched makes no noise (Springheel)
  • #3487: [AI] Sleepers are giving "to_observant" barks (grayman)
  • #3489: [Sound] Readables making incorrect impact sound (Springheel)
  • #3492: [AI] AI vision tests (grayman)
  • #3496: [AI] "Surprise Bark" interrupts other barks and seems out of place (grayman)
  • #3497: [Sound] Need snd_state5 vocal (grayman)
  • #3498: [AI] Some alert barks are out of place with latched alerts (grayman)
  • #3499: [Sound] Need More Zombie Footsteps (Springheel)
  • #3500: [Graphics] Bad particle (Springheel)
  • #3502: [AI] Zombie not making water footstep sounds (Springheel)
  • #3505: [AI] Create 'no_alert_idle' spawnarg (grayman)
  • #3506: [AI] AI should turn head to look at doused lights (grayman)
  • #3510: [AI] AI doesn't complete relight (grayman)
  • #3511: [Textures] New textures (Springheel)
  • #3517: [Def / Setup] Player water impact makes too much noise (Springheel)
  • #3524: [Coding] Certain lights not contributing to illumination (grayman)
  • #3544: [Sound] Hum from electric lights is very annoying (grayman)
  • #3552: [AI] drunk_acuity_factor is applied twice to sleepers (grayman)
  • #3554: [Objectives] atdm:target_setobjective_component_state doesn't work (grayman)
  • #3557: [Coding] Clicking Objectives option from Failed Screen causes crash (taaaki)


  • Builder default head replaced by new model (Springheel)
  • Upgrades to Commoner mesh and textures; several new skins added (Springheel)
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  • Unarmed AI will flee if a they find a body (grayman)
  • AI now react differently if they see someone killed vs finding the body later (grayman)
  • Corrected a bug that caused a pair of AI to greet each other once, and then never again. (grayman)
  • AI now react to the sounds of bodies falling to the ground
  • neutral and friendly AI will now greet the player


  • Updated walk animations (Arcturus)
  • new zombie animations (Arcturus)



Too many to list

See also Standalone_Progress


  • Support for flying AI added (angua)
  • Players can no longer hide in shadows created by objects they are carrying (Rebb)
  • Bodies now make noise when they fall into water. (Springheel)
  • AI will not be so easily killed (corrected combat settings that were modifying AI HP by -50 (!) on Normal setting). (Springheel)
  • Visportals can now block sounds to the player as well as the AI. Mappers have a great deal more flexibility in controlling how much sound doors and windows block. (grayman)
  • 7318's new skybox code has been added allowing for HL2 style skyboxes (7318 and Grayman)

Scripting Interface

The scripting interface has been greatly enhanced to make it more versatile:

  • Script events need now only be declared on the SDK side (greebo).
  • There are many new functions (tels):
    • to modify objectives
    • transform numbers (ceil(), floor(), getBoolKey())
    • determine the difficulty level
    • call functions when an AI is knocked out
    • get the entity that the player drags, shoulders or has grabbed


Too many to list.

See also Standalone_Progress

Standalone TDM

  • Four D3 heads replaced by new models (Springheel)
  • D3 Zombie replaced by new mesh (greebo)
  • Beggar model is completely updated to remove D3 parts (Springheel)
  • Replacement spider sounds (Springheel)
  • skeleton model replaced with new mesh (Mr. Lemonyfresh)


Significant contributions over the course of 2.0 development. Last documented in Translation

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