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<!-- keywords whats new -->
<!-- keywords whats new -->
See also the [http://bugs.angua.at/roadmap_page.php?version_id=59 roadmap] <!-- http://bugs.angua.at/changelog_page.php?version_id=59 changelog] --> on our bugtracker.
See also the [http://bugs.angua.at/roadmap_page.php?version_id=59 roadmap] <!-- http://bugs.angua.at/changelog_page.php?version_id=59 changelog] --> on our bugtracker.
== Changes / Features / Issues fixed ==
== Changes / Features / Issues fixed ==
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See also the roadmap on our bugtracker.

Version 2.00 of The Dark Mod has not been released yet.

Changes / Features / Issues fixed

  • #2624: Buggy AI prop lantern (AI) (grayman)
  • #3128: Movable Oil lamps behave strangely (Script/Def) (grayman)
  • #3201: Replace D3 Heads (Models) (Springheel)
  • #3209: Missing idMover::Events (Coding) (tels)
  • #3217: Need script event to set text of objective (Objectives) (tels)
  • #3223: Add ability for individual entities to randomly not spawn (Coding) (tels)
  • #3232: add a way for scripts to query the TDM version (Script/Def) (tels)
  • #3239: getRadius() script event is missing from lights (Script/Def) (tels)
  • #3260: Change the way scriptEvents are declared (Coding) (greebo)
  • #3264: Noshadows_lod_x spawnarg actually affects (x-1) LOD (Coding) (tels)
  • #3271: add getDifficultyLevel() script event (Script/Def) (tels)
  • #3277: Add getBoolKey() to scripting interface (Script/Def) (tels)
  • #3282: add getShouldered(), getDragged() and getGrabbed() script events (Script/Def) (tels)
  • #3285: atdm:ai_townsfolk_commoner has broken skin (Def / Setup) (tels)
  • #3287: MapShutdown() is called twice during shutdown (Coding) (tels)
  • #3288: add floor() and ceil() script events (Script/Def) (tels)
  • #3290: When getting up, sitting AI might use the getting up from sleeping animation (AI) (grayman)
  • #3291: AI play wrong vocal when drowning (AI) (grayman)
  • #3292: Wrong objective level names in end mission screen (Design/Coding) (grayman)
  • #3293: Water Impact sounds (Sound) (Springheel)
  • #3294: Integrated Mission Downloader has inconsistent mission handling (for some missions) (Tweaking) (tels)
  • #3297: There is no ko_script spawnarg for AI. (Design/Coding) (tels)


  • Builder default head replaced by new model (Springheel)
  • Upgrades to Commoner mesh and textures; several new skins added (Springheel)
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  • Unarmed AI will flee if a they find a body (grayman)
  • AI now react differently if they see someone killed vs finding the body later (grayman)
  • Corrected a bug that caused a pair of AI to greet each other once, and then never again. (grayman)


  • Updated walk animations (Arcturus)
  • new zombie animations (Arcturus)




  • Support for flying AI added (angua)
  • Players can no longer hide in shadows created by objects they are carrying (Rebb)
  • Bodies now make noise when they fall into water. (Springheel)
  • AI will not be so easily killed (corrected combat settings that were modifying AI HP by -50 (!) on Normal setting). (Springheel)
  • Visportals can now block sounds to the player as well as the AI. Mappers have a great deal more flexibility in controlling how much sound doors and windows block. (grayman)

Scripting Interface

The scripting interface has been greatly enhanced to make it more versatile:

  • Script events need now only be declared on the SDK side (greebo).
  • There are many new functions (tels):
    • to modify objectives
    • transform numbers (ceil(), floor(), getBoolKey())
    • determine the difficulty level
    • call functions when an AI is knocked out
    • get the entity that the player drags, shoulders or has grabbed


Standalone TDM

  • Four D3 heads replaced by new models (Springheel)
  • D3 Zombie replaced by new mesh (greebo)
  • Beggar model is completely updated to remove D3 parts (Springheel)
  • Replacement spider sounds (Springheel)


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