Using Blender for Doom 3 Modeling

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Posted originally by Magnesius:

I am quite happy with Blender, and I would recommend it to everyone. Like with all more complex applications, you have to be ambitious until you get your first results.

  1. Start with Although this wiki book has a badly chosen title, the beginning is helpful when you make your first steps with Blender. But beware - Blender is not really intuitive at the beginning. However, once you learned all the keyboard shortcuts, you'll quickly get into the workflow. I followed this tutorial up to the animation part of the Gingerbread man, and continued with...
  2. (esp. the "materials"-part is important). This is the official tutorial list, search there first when you want to learn something (e.g. animating a mesh). Take a look at several tutorials there, and extend your skills a bit.
  3. Once you have created your first cube, your first vase and so on with Blender, you might want to export it to Doom.

These tutorials are important, read them carefully:

Using Goofos ASE Exporter instead of the proposed USM Exporter, you can export multiple objects at once, you do not have to merge them. Get the script here or using the link below:

Resources for Blender users