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Amateur DarkRadiant user.

  1. The Factory Heist
  2. The Shield of Canthus (in progress)
  3. A House Call (in progress)
  4. As yet unnamed Christmas Contest entry (in progress)

Random tips

I might put these into articles if I find a suitable place

  1. Leaning while crouched makes you even shorter. This can come in handy when you're hiding in shade behind low cover.
  2. Make sure the ai_see keyword is set to 0 for global ambient; otherwise it will contribute to the light gem. If you are using Sotha's "night vision" technique, also turn off its ai_see and turn on its noshadows.
  3. If you forget to put a player start, you will get a leak but no point file.

My Sandbox

Here is where I will put my pages while I am working on them.