Thomas Porter 6: The Phrase Book (FM)

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A fan mission for The Dark Mod.


  • Author: Sotha
  • Type: Single Mission
  • Releases: 2012-05-12 (12 May 2012) - latest
  • Version: 2
  • Size: 23.5 MB
  • EFX Reverb: No


My situation seems rather bleak. The haunting from the Glenham Tower, the Hag, seems to be determined to do me in. She has attacked me a few times already, but so far I've managed escape with my life. I must stop these attacks before she succeeds in whatever that may be her sinister plans. I believe everything is tied to this strange book, De Vermis Mysteriis, which I obtained from the tower. The book is written by some unknown language that I cannot understand, but somehow I am certain that the answer to my predicament is hidden within the dusty pages of this tome. It may very well be that the Hag is after me because I possess this book. Can the dead be afraid of what is written on these dusty pages? I need to find out everything I can...


The FM is part of Sotha's Thomas Porter series.

As the name implies, this is the sixth mission in the series. It was preceded by the FM Thomas Porter 5: The Transaction and is followed by the FM Thomas Porter 7: The Lich Queen's Demise.

Theme / "Genre" / Setting

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Thieves' Highway / Rooftop


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Official Mission List link

You can download the mission directly while in game, by using the built-in TDM fan mission downloader.

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