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Basic Rules that will undergo revision likely at a later time when space and progress levels have changed.

1. Page content

No malicious attacks on another group or person will be allowed on the Wiki. Any pages or editings containing such will be removed. Page content should remain on topic in relation to the page title. If a page's content becomes too off-topic, it will be removed or split into multiple pages. All pages created on the dark wiki must in some way relate to the DarkMod.

2. Uploading of images:

Images may currently be uploaded as long as they pertain directly to the editor/Doom3 SDK or the use of the editor/Doom3 SDK. This includes screenshots that give an example of an effect, script, or other DarkMod related subjects. The uploading of screen shots or art to promote a mission, model, or other non-essential materials is prohibited right now, but will be allowed in the future. This page will be updated at that time.

These same rules apply to the 'talk' portions of each page, as well as to comments on users.