Sound software, tools, etc.

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Here are suggestions for programs etc. that might be of use to sound developers:


for a conversion to OGG, BeSweet can do that. It might also have the option to normalise the volume.


The latest (July 2010) version of WinFF supports batch conversion of MP3 to OGG, and it's much more user-friendly than BeSweet. Also, I confirmed that you can amplify the audio with it at the same time. Just add "-vol 5000" under the "Options>Additional Command Line Parameters" tab. (5000 may still be a little too quiet. Try maybe up to 6000?)

Anyway, here's WinFF:


If you need an Ogg Vorbis encoder, OggDrop for Windows is another good free choice. It does batch-encoding.


As for normalization, ecanormalize is a good Linux choice. It does batch-normalization on tuns of files at once. I used ecanormalize to normalize a bunch of s3m/xm/mod files that I converted to OGG for my mp3 player.