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The audio part of the Dark Mod has been divided into the following three sections:

The folderstructure

This structure and all the soundfiles can be found in doom3/darkmod/sound.

  • Ambient - Sounds which are added by the leveldesigner in order to bring life to the map. Mood enhancers, if you wish. Ex: machines, birds, waterfalls and background music/loops.
    • Ambience: Sounds not tied to an object. Music/background hums. Added purely to enhance the atmosphere.
    • Environmental: Sounds that imitate an object from the world. Such as machines, birds, crickets and other animals, a stream of water, churchbells, rattling chains etc.
  • SFX (or Soundeffects) - We have adopted this term for any sound that is played from within the code. That basically means leveldesigner wont have to bother about them. Ex: footsteps, impact sounds, weapon sounds, the pickup-loot sound, porcelain-cup-dropped-on-marble sounds etc.
    • Game: Certain "special" sounds as levelstart, objective_complete/failed, main menu sounds etc
    • Movement: Footsteps etc
    • Tools: Weapons and gadgets
    • World: Collisions, objects (open doors etc)
  • Voices - Things spoken or expressed by the inhabitants of the world. That includes:

Humans, zombies, belchers, and any other creatures we might come up with.

File formats

  • The format we are using for SFX: Ogg, 44100Hz, 96kbps, mono
    • The format we are using for Ambient: Ogg, 44100Hz, 160kbps, stereo OR Ogg, 44100Hz, 96kbps, mono depending on what kind of sound it is. (That means, use your common sense. Does the sound really benefit from stereo format?)

Adding sounds to your level