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The audio part of the Dark Mod has been divided into the following three sections:
Here you will find information about the sounds and how you add them to your level.
===The folderstructure===
* [[Adding ambient Sounds to your Map]]
This structure and all the soundfiles can be found in doom3/darkmod/sound.
* [[Estimating Volume for New Sounds]]
* [[Faked lipsync]], and how to turn it off for specific sounds
* [[Moveables: Surface Type-dependent Bounce Sound]]
* [[Problem Hearing Varied Sounds]]
* [[Reaction to Material Types]]
* [[Setting up Individual Propagated Sounds and Estimating Volume]]
* [[Setting Up Speakers]] -- Soundshader keywords and how mappers can override them
* [[Setting Reverb Data of Rooms (EAX)]]
* [[Sound Folderstructure]]
* [[Sound File Formats]]
* [[Sound Propagation: Part 1]]
* [[Sound Propagation: Part 2]]
* [[Volume Issues]]  -- info from the board about a D3 bug with volume; as well as good developer cvar to make sounds visible
* [[AI Greetings]] -- how the AI greeting system works
*'''Ambient''' - Sounds which are added by the leveldesigner in order to bring life to the map. Mood enhancers, if you wish. Ex: machines, birds, waterfalls and background music/loops.
**''Ambience'': Sounds not tied to an object. Music/background hums. Added purely to enhance the atmosphere.
**''Environmental'': Sounds that imitate an object from the world. Such as machines, birds, crickets and other animals, a stream of water, churchbells, rattling chains etc.
*'''SFX (or Soundeffects)''' - We have adopted this term for any sound that is played from within the code. That basically means leveldesigner wont have to bother about them. Ex: footsteps, impact sounds, weapon sounds, the pickup-loot sound, porcelain-cup-dropped-on-marble sounds etc.
**''Game'': Certain "special" sounds as levelstart, objective_complete/failed, main menu sounds etc
**''Movement'': Footsteps etc
**''Tools'': Weapons and gadgets
**''World'': Collisions, objects (open doors etc)
*'''Voices''' - Things spoken or expressed by the inhabitants of the world. That includes:
Humans, zombies, belchers, and any other creatures we might come up with.
===File formats===
*'''The format we are using for SFX:''' Ogg, 44100Hz, 96kbps, mono<br>
**'''The format we are using for Ambient:''' Ogg, 44100Hz, 160kbps, stereo OR Ogg, 44100Hz, 96kbps, mono depending on what kind of sound it is. (That means, use your common sense. Does the sound really benefit from stereo format?)
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This is a selected list of articles and tutorials about sounds.
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Here you will find information about the sounds and how you add them to your level.