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Note: It is recommended that you read the pages about LOD and LODE first.

The LODE System (available in TDM from v1.03 on) enables you to overcome the built-in entity limit, as well as randomly generate entities. But since the system is new and it might still be unclear on how and when to use it, this page provides a few real-map scenarios with examples:

Usage cases

Random Loot Generator

Place a small LODE in your map, plus three loot entities. Target these from the LODE and set the following spawnargs (enter them in DR without the quotes!) on the LODE:

 "max_entities" "1"
 "remove"       "1"

This means all the loot entities will be of the same probability, but only one of them will ever be generated. Also, the "remove 1" means the LODE will remove itself after spawning the other entity.

Note: Players expect that the loot in a map is stable, e.g. when they play it again, they get the same amount of loot from the same places. While you can break this expectation f.i. by randomly spawning a loot piece in different places, having different loot pieces in the 'same' place might confuse people. To avoid this, make the loot amount on all the entities targeted by this lode the same, but choose different entities (like a bottle of wine, a statue and a plate).

Huge Forest

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Something entirely else

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