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Rooms per Household

Depending on the size and wealth of the household, it will contain different rooms. Here is an exemplary list of which rooms should be present in which type of household. Especially in poor households, room is sparse and, consequently, man rooms are stuffed together to save room.

Low income/poor

  • very few rooms, mostly functional
  • Should include kitchen and bedroom


  • few rooms
  • kitchen and bedroom
  • workshop and/or
  • room for selling should be included


  • kitchen,
  • storage room
  • taproom
  • bedrooms for guests and owners,
  • bathroom (optional, may be exchanged with basins in guests' rooms)


  • kitchen and seperate dining room,
  • several bedrooms (number depending on family size: seperate rooms for adilts and each child, additional bedrooms for guests possible),
  • at least one bathroom (toilet included or seperate),
  • further rooms like office/library, sitting room

Furniture per Room

Each room should have a furniture in accordance with the function of the room. Depending on the household the quality and quantity of the furniture should be chosen.


  • stove
  • working space
  • cupboard for cutlery and dishes (may be placed in a seperate dining room)
  • table and chairs/stools (may be placed in a seperate dining room)

Storage Room

  • shelves and hooks for food stuff
  • bottles (various)
  • barrels (especially in taverns)
  • various containers (boxes etc)


  • bathtub
  • basin for washing
  • cupboard for bathing supplies


  • bed(s)
  • nightstand
  • cupboard for clothing

Living Room

  • table
  • armchairs
  • bookshelve(s)
  • lamps or similar for light
  • other leisure time stuff (instruments, knitting needles, board games, stuff like that)

Office / Study

  • desk with chair
  • bookshelve(s)


  • tools of the trade (see the Jobs page for inspiration)
  • workbench
  • stool


  • several tables with chairs
  • open fireplace with armchairs (optional)
  • bar

See also

  • Wealthy Household - The wiki's universe article on the nature of wealthier households in the setting.