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written by Fidcal

You can add comments, reminders, debug text to your map in Dark Radiant; some can also be optionally made visible in game.

Adding comments, remarks, debug text to entities

You can add a comment to any entity by adding the property 'comment' or 'remark' and typing in any information you want as the value for that property.

A comment added to a worldspawn brush will appear on all such brushes so instead convert first to a func_static or add a nearby stand-alone comment (see next section.)

Adding stand-alone comments, remarks, debug text

A stand-alone comment marker can be added by adding a Info/text entity, which shows in Dark Radiant as an arrow. Rotate it to point at the comment's target to draw attention to it if desired.

To this entity, add the property 'text' with your comment as the value.

The 'text' entity can also optionally display the text within the game by adding the following properties:

  • force = 1 to display in-game else 0.
  • playerOriented = 1 to have the text always face on to the player, else 0.