Random Conversations

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Written by Springheel

When writing the newer vocal scripts, I came up with the idea of including a random sequence of questions and responses that can be used to create random conversations between AI. The following vocal sets support this (older ones do not):

1. vocal set_commander

2. vocal set_jack

3. vocal set_cynic

4. vocal set_drunk

5. vocal set_maiden

6. vocal set_moor

The sequence goes like this:

AI 1: "convo_question" vocal, ex, "So, how did the game go last night?"

AI 2: "convo_answer/response" vocal, ex, "Could have been better."

AI 1: "convo_close" vocal, ex, "Got it."

Each "convo_question" asks for a judgement response. "How was X? What did you think of X?" etc. Each vocal set has four or five questions/answers that are chosen from randomly. The overall effect is pretty good, I think, though some question/responses combinations make more sense than others.

The sitting AI in Mission 1: A New Job use this system. Basically, you create two conversations--one with AI 1 asking the questions, and the other with AI 2. Then use a trigger of some kind to start the conversations when you want them. A trigger_entityname could be used for patrolling AI. If the AI are sitting near each other, a trigger_sequencer could be used to have multiple conversations over time.