Print Text and Values to Console(scripting)

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Print Text and Values to Console(scripting)

written by Fidcal

Print to Console


To send text or values or string or numeric variables to the console use:


...where 'data' is separated by plus signs and can be:

  • A string of characters within double quote marks
  • A numeric value
  • A string or numeric variable
  • Any legal calculation or expression such as 3*4+2
  • Any combination of the above, separated by plus signs (but numeric values will be added so 3+5 will display as 8 not 35)

Use \n within double quotes to force a linefeed, eg, "Line1\nLine2"


sys.print("\n\nYour script is running");
sys.print("\n"+x+" green bottles");

sys.println does the same as sys.print but conveniently appends a line break at the end.