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The following characters have been established by existing FMs and are considered official characters in the TDM setting. Mappers may with to refer to them in their own maps for a sense of continuity.

Characters are sorted by their surnames, in alphabetical order.


Sir Thomas Hayes

The Lord Mayor of Bridgeport. Because Bridgeport is a Free Imperial City, the Lord Mayor answers directly to the Emperor. In practice, the Emperor is too concerned with matters closer to the heart of the empire, which means the Lord Mayor has a great deal of independence.

The Lord Mayor is elected every few years by the City Council.

Godfrey Knighton

A wealthy and distinguished city watch captain, who owns and lives at the titular Knighton Manor, a smaller but luxurious piece of property just north of Bridgeport's gates. For meritous service, Knighton was awarded a particularily valuable scepter, now stored in a glass display case in one of the rooms. The manor has an upgraded security system for protecting the scepter from theft.

Known stories: The Knighton Manor

Lord Wellend

A wealthy nobleman, known for having a particularly good staff and throwing great parties.

Outside Bridgeport

General Lanton

The general lives at the mansion of the rural Brickstone Hill manor, along with his wife and servants. Lanton owns several companies in town (presumably Bridgeport itself) and there are rumours that he uses his mansion for hiding smuggled or illegal goods.

Known stories: Living Expenses

The Powell family

The Powells are a wealthy (if secretly feuding) aristocratic family, consisting of Oscar, Carl, Bernhard and Alma Powell. They live at the Powell Estate, an expansive rural complex located in a dry, parched valley surrounded by higher mountains, not far from Bridgeport. The estate has extensive farmlands and includes a hedge maze with several displays of statues, which frequently attracts wealthy visitors to the estate.

Known stories: Reap As You Sow

Sir Talbot

Character description TBA.

Known stories: Return to the City, Fiasco at Fauchard Street, Sir Talbot's Collateral

Thomas Shaw

The Mayor of Braeden, a city north of Bridgeport. Has had trouble with the Inquisition (as detailed in the fan mission The Builder's Influence).

Known stories: The Builder's Influence