Moveables: Surface Type-dependent Bounce Sound

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Originally written by Ishtvan on

Just added the capability for different moveables to play different bounce sounds based on the surface type of the material they hit.

For example, a banana would play a "SPLORT" sound on most hard materials, but if you dropped it in snow, it might play a different sound.

To set this, use:

snd_bounce_<material name> 

See the surface types documentation for a complete list of surface type names.

If the snd_bounce_<material name> is not found for a particular material, it will use the default snd_bounce (This means to save time, you should set snd_bounce to the sound it will play on the majority of materials).


With <material name> I mean the final name after it has been resolved, like "snow", not surftype15. And yes, it applies to our new materials.