List of ingame Editors

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 debugger              launches the Script Debugger
 dmap                  compiles a map
 editAFs               launches the in-game Articulated Figure Editor
 editDecls             launches the in-game Declaration Editor
 editGUIs              launches the GUI Editor
 editLights            launches the in-game Light Editor
 editor                launches the level editor Radiant
 editParticles         launches the in-game Particle Editor
 editPDAs              launches the in-game PDA Editor
 editScripts           launches the in-game Script Editor
 editSounds            launches the in-game Sound Editor
 renderbump            renders a bump map
 renderbumpFlat        renders a flat bump map
 roq                   encodes a roq file
 runAAS                compiles an AAS file for a map
 runAASDir             compiles AAS files for all maps in a folder
 runReach              calculates reachability for an AAS file