Swapping Heads on AI Models

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The information on this page is explained in greater detail at: Heads Available for AI

All TDM character models are designed with the heads as separate meshes. This allows mappers the freedom to choose what head they would like to use, adding variety to characters in their map. If choosing heads doesn't matter to you, all models have a default that is selected automatically.

Although you won't see the head in the D3 editor, the default one will appear when you start the map. If you want to change the head of any character, type the following key/var into the entity window when the character is selected:

"def_head"  "[name of head entityDef]"


The names of all existing heads can be found on the Heads Available for AI page, or you can look in the heads.def file. Please note that because heads vary in size and proportion, not every head looks good on every model.

Note: See Making 'Prop' Entities for more information on how to attach helmets or headgear.