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This page is part of a series. See GUI Scripting Language for overview.

Using a Text Editor and Console Testing Commands

Occasionally, you may need to craft a .gui from scratch. You can do this in a text editor, but be aware that the .gui language is quirky, and the existing parsing system often unhelpful in detecting errors. Once created, you can test a .gui to some extent with the "testgui" command. If you text-edit the .gui, you don’t have to exit the game to test it again; you can ask to "reloadguis".

Console Commands

  • testgui <file path within FM, e.g. guis/myguis.gui>
  • reloadguis

Demo of Console Commands with a Simple GUI

In the Doom 3 SDK: GUI, there are GUI code samples that recolor text and move it around, and discussion of running variations of it with:

testgui guis/mygui.gui

If you do this in TDM, you’ll get complaints in the console about this Doom 3 font not found with TDM:

font "fonts/bank"

So in 2 places, replace it with a valid TDM font, e.g.:

font "fonts/carleton"

Also, the discussion about "cursor on a world object" is not so pertinent to TDM. But if you are working on an overlay where a cursor is needed, be sure to add ‘menugui 1’ in the desktop windowDef. This applies to the last iteration of sample code.

Other Tools

See GUI Scripting: EditGuis Editor.

There is a third party Doom editor, Flesh, by zeh. This is early-beta-level code with reportedly some GUI parsing/editing capability. It is no longer maintained, and was implemented in the now-deprecated Flash language.