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Big Ugly Disclaimer:

The Dark Mod team does not necessarily support or endorse content listed here, and only hosts missions listed on the official TDM website. This is a community maintained list, and an ongoing work in progress. Most of the mirror links in this list are dead or are for missions that are not 2.0 compliant. Mission entries which are suspected to violate copyright must be text-only, and cannot contain links. Report and/or remove links found in violation of this rule.

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Fan Mission Title Author(s) Links First Release Size (MB) EFX Reverb Series Mission Type Spiders and Undead
Chronicles of Skulduggery 0: To Catch a Thief Bienie Icon_forum.png 2021-11-20 15 Yes Chronicles of Skulduggery City Missions, Mansion/Estate Horror Themes
Away 0 - Stolen Heart Geep,_Atti_ Icon_forum.png 2021-11-12 189.5 No Away Inn/Tavern, Jail/Prison,
Museum Heist, Bank Job
Hidden Hands: Anomaly JackFarmer Icon_forum.png 2021-05-01 532.7 Yes Hidden Hands Castle/Fortress
Undead, Spiders
The Hare in the Snare: Part 1 Frost_Salamander,Kerry000 Icon_forum.png 2021-04-09 102.3 Yes Hare in the Snare 1 City Missions
Blackgrove Manor
(v1.02, 2021/04/24)
ddaazzaa Icon_forum.png 2021-03-14 24.7 Yes Mansion/Estate Undead, Horror Themes
Scroll of Remembrance MirceaKitsune Icon_forum.png 2020-11-03 16.2 Yes Mansion/Estate Undead, Horror Themes
The Factory Heist thebigh Icon_forum.png 2020-09-12 1.1 No Warehouse
Now and Then joebarnin Icon_forum.png 2020-09-08 236.1 Yes Museum Heists
Hidden Hands: The Lost Citadel JackFarmer Icon_forum.png 2020-07-23 444 Yes Hidden Hands Castle/Fortress Undead
Chronicles of Skulduggery 3: Sacricide Bienie Icon_forum.png 2020-07-18 97.8 Yes Chronicles of Skulduggery City Missions Undead
The Painter's Wife
(v1.2, 2021/04/04)
Fractured Glass Company Icon_forum.png 2020-07-01 503 Yes City Missions Spiders, Undead
A Night Of Loot: One Man's Treasure OGDA Icon_forum.png 2020-06-13 3.9 No Shop/House
A Good Neighbor Amadeus Icon_forum.png 2020-03-08 54.6 Yes City Missions
Away 1 - Air Pocket Geep Icon_forum.png 2020-02-06 15.3 No Away Pirate
Snowed Inn Goldwell and Kingsal Icon_forum.png 2019-12-25 382 Yes City Missions
In Danger of Judgment krrg Icon_forum.png 2019-11-15 11.9 No Mansion/Estate
Langhorne Lodge Bienie Icon_forum.png 2019-10-30 8.2 Yes Mansion/Estate Undead
The Heart of Saint Mattis joebarnin Icon_forum.png 2019-09-10 58.7 Yes Church/Cathedral Spiders, Undead, Horror Themes
Perilous Refuge Dragofer, Crucible Team Icon_forum.png 2019-09-10 34.7 Yes Ship, City Missions
Hidden Hands: Vitalic Fever JackFarmer Icon_forum.png 2019-07-20 269 Yes Hidden Hands Mansion/Estate Spiders, Undead
Chronicles of Skulduggery 2: A Precarious Position Bienie Icon_forum.png 2019-05-04 14.5 Yes Chronicles of Skulduggery City Missions
William Steele 5: Commerce Bank grayman Icon_forum.png 2019-04-10 30 Yes William Steele Bank Jobs
Marsh of Rahena ERH+ Icon_forum.png 2019-04-05 60.3 Yes Castle/Fortress, Horror Spiders, Undead, Horror Themes
Shadows of Northdale ACT 2 Goldwell Icon_forum.png Briefing 2019-03-20 417 Yes Shadows of Northdale City Missions Undead
Cleaning Up the Neighbourhood some1stoleit and Bikerdude Icon_forum.png 2019-02-18 34.3 No City Missions
Hidden Hands: Initiation JackFarmer Icon_forum.png 2018-12-27 92.5 Yes Hidden Hands Mansion/Estate
Spiders, Extra-natural entities
The Night of Reluctant Benefaction Bienie Icon_forum.png 2018-12-24 11.9 Yes City Missions
Mission of Mercy joebarnin Icon_forum.png 2018-09-14 10.1 No Warehouse
William Steele 4: The Warrens grayman Icon_forum.png 2018-09-01 53 Yes William Steele City Missions
Braeden Church grayman Icon_forum.png 2018-07-01 24 No Mansion/Estate Undead
Chronicles of Skulduggery: Pearls and Swine Bienie Icon_forum.png 2018-05-25 23 Yes Chronicles of Skulduggery City Missions
Shadows of Northdale ACT I Goldwell Icon_forum.png Briefing 2018-03-23 295 Custom
(not EFX)
Shadows of Northdale City Missions
Sir Taffsalot's Sword grayman Icon_forum.png 2018-03-17 11.3 No Mansion/Estate

In memoriam of Gary (Sir Taffsalot) Icon_forum.png
The Arena ERH+ Icon_forum.png 2018-03-12 3 No Arena Deathmatch
Spiders, Undead
The Elixir Bikerdude and Obsttorte Icon_forum.png Briefing 2018-02-17 112 Yes Mansion/Estate
Volta 2: Cauldron of the Gods Kingsal Icon_forum.png Briefing 2017-11-30 252 Yes Volta Lost Civilizations Undead
In the Black VanishedOne Icon_forum.png 2017-11-18 103 No Mansion/Estate Undead
Accountant 1: Thieves and Heirs Goldwell Icon_forum.png Briefing 2017-11-08 247 No The Accountant Mansion/Estate Spiders
King of the Mountain Spoonman Icon_forum.png 2017-09-18 8.07 No Jail/Prison
Briarwood Manor NeonStyle Icon_forum.png Trailer Briefing 2017-07-11 90 No Mansion/Estate Spider
A Matter of Hours Springheel Icon_forum.png 2017-04-28 13 No Corbin Warehouse
The Ravine Spoonman Icon_forum.png 2017-04-17 30.6 No Outdoor/Pagan Spiders
The Bakery Job Sotha Icon_forum.png 2017-03-09 2 No Mansion/Estate
Mission 1: A New Job Springheel Icon_forum.png 2017-03-14 13.8 Yes Official Campaign City Missions
Coercion Sotha Icon_forum.png 2016-09-27 10 No Mansion/Estate
Down by the Riverside Dragofer Icon_forum.png 2016-09-25 56 No Of Brambles and Thorns Mansion/Estate
Horror themes, Undead
Penny Dreadful 3: Erasing the Trail Melan and Bikerdude Icon_forum.png 2016-07-09 200 No Penny Dreadful City Missions
Volta 1: Volta and the Stone Kingsal Icon_forum.png 2016-05-27 102 Yes Volta Mansion/Estate
City Missions
Full Moon Fever
(v2.0 2018/02/21)
Spoonman Icon_forum.png 2016-05-14 21 No Mansion/Estate Undead
King of Diamonds Spooks Icon_forum.png 2016-05-13 26.3 No City Missions Occult themes
Accountant 2: New in Town Goldwell Icon_forum.png Briefing
Gameplay trailer
2016-05-08 358 No The Accountant Mansion/Estate Undead
The Smiling Cutpurse Airship Ballet Icon_forum.png 2016-03-25 87 No Mansion/Estate
Mother Rose grayman Icon_forum.png 2016-01-01 10 No Mansion/Estate Ghost
Behind Closed Doors Bikerdude and the Crucible Team Icon_forum.png 2015-12-19 359 Yes Crucible of Omens City Missions
The Rats Triumphant Melan Icon_forum.png 2015-10-31 11 No HSC 15 (Winner) City Missions Undead
Dead Drunk Stumpy Icon_forum.png 2015-10-30 4 No HSC 15 Tombs, Catacombs & Crypts Undead
Thief's Remorse Airship Ballet Icon_forum.png 2015-10-30 42 No HSC 15 Tombs, Catacombs & Crypts Undead
Spring Cleaning Goldwell Icon_forum.png Briefing 2015-10-30 45 No HSC 15 Mansion/Estate Spiders, Undead
The Golden Skull Sotha Icon_forum.png 2015-10-25 7 No HSC 15 Mansion/Estate Undead
A House of Locked Secrets Moonbo Icon_forum.png Trailer 2015-05-29 195 No Shadowcursed Church/Cathedral
Horror themes,
Ulysses 2: Protecting the Flock Sotha Icon_forum.png 2015-05-28 102 No Ulysses Church/Cathedral
Sir Talbot's Collateral Baal and Bikerdude Icon_forum.png Trailer 2015-04-15 60 Yes Sir Talbot Mansion/Estate
Vengeance for a Thief Part 3 Sir Taffsalot Icon_forum.png 2015-02-16 25 No VFAT Church/Cathedral
Lord Edgar's Bathhouse Goldwell Icon_forum.png Briefing 2014-12-27 71 No Lord Edgar Mansion/Estate
Quinn Co.
(Made into a campaign, 2015/02/04)
Airship Ballet Icon_forum.png 2014-11-22 111 No Quinn Co. Bank Jobs
Exhumed Airship Ballet and Kyyrma Icon_forum.png 2014-11-04 24 No HSC 14 Church/Cathedral
Briarwood Cathedral buck28 Icon_mirror.pngIcon_forum.png 2014-10-29 7 No Corso
HSC 14
One Step Too Far Dragofer Icon_mirror.pngIcon_forum.png 2014-08-04 9 No Of Brambles and Thorns Pirate
Lockner Manor buck28 Icon_mirror.pngIcon_forum.png 2014-08-02 6 No Corso Mansion/Estate
Ulysses: Genesis Sotha Icon_mirror.pngIcon_forum.png 2014-07-24 98 No Ulysses Mansion/Estate Horror theme?
Penny Dreadful 2: All the way up Melan and Bikerdude Icon_mirror.pngIcon_forum.png Trailer 2014-07-08 102 No Penny Dreadful Thieves' Highway / Rooftop Spiders
Poets and Peasants Digi Icon_mirror.pngIcon_forum.png 2014-06-29 1 No Mansion/Estate
A Reputation to Uphold Springheel Icon_mirror.pngIcon_forum.png 2014-04-18 25.5 No Corbin City Missions
Breaking Out the Fence Kyyrma Icon_mirror.pngIcon_forum.png 2014-03-17 11.6 No In A Time of Need City Missions
Inn Business
(v.1.48, 2014/03/08)
RJFerret Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2014-03-03 6 No Inn/Tavern
City Streets
William Steele 3: Cleighmoor grayman Icon_forum.png 2014-03-01 38 No William Steele Sewers
William Steele 2: Home Again grayman Icon_forum.png 2014-02-12 26 No William Steele Thieves' Highway / Rooftop
The Gatehouse Bikerdude Goldchocobo Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png Briefing 2014-01-29 100 No Remake of Evilartist's Doom 3 mod Castle/Fortress Ghosts
Window of Opportunity
(v.1.43, 2014/01/01)
RJFerret Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2014-01-01 7 No Outdoor/Caves Spiders (not in short mode)
In A Time Of Need kyyrma Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2013-11-12 5.6 No In A Time of Need Mansion/Estate
Requiem Moonbo Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2013-10-08 107.3 No Shadowcursed Lost Civilizations
Vengeance for a Thief Part 2 Sir Taffsalot Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2013-09-06 22 No VFAT
CUC 13
Museum Heists
Lords and Legacy Kvorning Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2013-08-30 45 No Thieves' Highway / Rooftop
Not An Ordinary Guest Fieldmedic Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2013-08-01 79.6 No CUC 13 City Missions
Penny Dreadful: Grail of Regrets Melan Icon_forum.png 2013-07-27 74 No Penny Dreadful Horror Spiders, Undead
Solar Escape 1 Tr00pertj Icon_forum.png 2013-07-22 6 No Mansion/Estate
Spiders, Undead
The Lich Queen's Demise Sotha Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2013-05-20 97.6 No Thomas Porter
CUC 13 (Winner)
Horror Undead
Old Habits Rebuild Obsttorte Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2013-05-20 28.6 No Mansion/Estate
The Builder's Blocks Jesps Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2013-03-18 2.85 No CUC 13 Experimental
Crystal Grave
(v.2.0, 2013/02/09)
ERH+ Bikerdude Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2011-11-15 12.4 No Horror Undead
The Builder Roads Obsttorte Icon_forum.png 2013-01-19 2.3 No Church/Experimental
William Steele 1: In the North grayman Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png 2012-10-20 39.8 No William Steele Mansion/Estate Undead
Old Habits Obsttorte Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2012-10-19 12.8 No Mansion/Estate
Deceptive Shadows ShadowHide Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2012-09-16 22.4 No Outdoor/Pagan Spiders, Undead
Vengeance for a Thief: Part 1 Sir Taffsalot Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2012-09-06 20.9 No VFAT Jail/Prison
The Phrase Book Sotha Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2012-05-11 24 No Thomas Porter Thieves' Highway / Rooftop
In Remembrance of Him RPGista Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2012-04-22 27.6 No CBC 12 City Missions Undead
Rightful Property jysk Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2012-04-12 22.5 No CBC 12 Bank Jobs Spiders
Sneak and Destroy SeriousToni Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2012-04-11 158 No CBC 12 City Missions
House of Theo Theothesnopp Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2011-12-04 6.2 No Castle/Fortress
Dragon's Claw
(v1.31, 2020/11/02)
Bikerdude, Flanders (map assets) Bloodgate.pngIcon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2011-10-31 98 No HSC 11 City Missions
A Night to Remember
(v2.0, 2018/05/28)
Fieldmedic Bloodgate.png New → Icon_forum.png
Old → Icon_forum.png
2011-10-31 33 No HSC 11 Mansion/Estate
The Creeps Mortem Desino Bloodgate.pngIcon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2011-10-30 61 No HSC 11 Horror Ghosts
House in Blackbog Hollow Stumpy Bloodgate.pngIcon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2011-10-28 12 No HSC 11 Horror Spiders, Undead
Let Sleeping Thieves Lie Sir Taffsalot, Bikerdude Bloodgate.pngIcon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2011-10-20 13 No Tombs, Catacombs & Crypts Undead
Samhain Night
(v3.3, 2020/03/02)
PranQster Bloodgate.pngIcon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2011-10-09 4.8 Yes HSC 11 Horror Spiders, Undead
A Score to Settle Springheel Bloodgate.pngIcon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2011-07-01 135 No Corbin City Missions
Siege Shop
(v5.0 2020/09/07)
PranQster and Lowenz Bloodgate.pngIcon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png Icon_forum.png 2011-06-26 32.2 Yes Castle/Fortress
Alberic's Curse Bikerdude Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2011-06-20 29 No CSC 11 (Winner)
T2 FM homage
Church/Cathedral Spiders, Undead
Reap As You Sow Fieldmedic Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png 2011-06-19 52 No CSC 11 Outdoor/Daylight
Rake Off Jesps Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png 2011-06-19 8 No Selis Woderose
CSC 11
Winter Harvest
(v2.0 2011/07/24 with Bikerdude)
ShadowHide Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png 2011-05-08 10 No CSC 11 Outdoor/Pagan Spiders
Fiasco at Fauchard Street Melan Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2011-05-01 62 No Sir Talbot Thieves' Highway / Rooftop
Mandrasola Sotha Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2011-04-10 10 No Thomas Porter
CSC 11
City Missions Undead
Q4 Conversion: Yan's Test Bikerdude Icon_forum.png 2011-03-28 28 No
The Transaction Sotha Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2011-03-04 10 No Thomas Porter City Missions Horror Themes, Undead
Return to the City
(v3.0 2015/01/03)
Melan, Bikerdude Bloodgate.pngIcon_forum.png Icon_forum.png Icon_forum.png 2010-01-10 26 No Sir Talbot
GCC 09 (Winner)
City Missions
Lockdown GameDevGoro Bikerdude Fidcal Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2010-12-25 3 No Lockdown 1 City Missions Undead
Flakebridge Monastery Jesps Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.png Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2010-12-05 16 No Selis Woderose Church/Cathedral Undead
Knighton Manor, The Sotha Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2010-11-09 21 No Thomas Porter Mansion/Estate
St Albans Cathedral
(v2.0 2014/06/11)
Bikerdude Bloodgate.png [Classic] Icon_mirror.pngIcon_forum.png L 2010-11-01 67 No St Alban Church/Cathedral Undead
Swing Komag Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png L 2010-08-25 3 No SVC 10 Platforming/Jumping
The Caduceus of St. Alban
(v.1.5.5 2010/08/26)
Bikerdude Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.pngIcon_forum.png 2010-08-23 11.3 No St Alban
SVC 10
Church/Cathedral Spiders
Somewhere Above the City
(v1.1 2010/08/27)
grayman Bloodgate.pngIcon_forum.png L 2010-08-20 11 No SVC 10 Tombs, Catacombs & Crypts
(v.1.1, 2010/09/01)
Fieldmedic Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png L 2010-08-17 12 No SVC 10 Horror Undead
Rift, The Baddcog Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png 2010-08-15 10 No SVC 10 Lost Civilizations Spiders, Undead
Illusionist's Tower stumpy Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png Icon_forum.png L 2010-08-05 9 No SVC 10 Horror
Spiders, Undead
Mad's Mountain Jesps Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png L 2010-07-31 2 No SVC 10 Outdoor/Caves
Glenham Tower, The Sotha Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png 2010-07-17 5 No Thomas Porter
SVC 10 (Winner)
Pandora's Box Jesps, Fidcal Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png L 2010-07-11 7 No Pirate
Beleaguered Fence, The Sotha Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png L 2010-06-23 11 No Thomas Porter Jail/Prison
Special Delivery, A Silencium18 Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png L 2010-06-12 2 No Warehouse
Alchemist, The
Sotha, Fidcal Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png L 2010-06-01 27 No Thief's Den City Missions Undead
Awaiting The Storm HappyCheeze Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png L 2010-05-22 4 No City Missions
Sound Alert & Blackjack Trainer Dark Mod Team 2010-05-14 0.2 No Training
No Honor Among Thieves
(v.4.0 EFX, 2021/08/18)
Goldchocobo, RailGun, Mortem Desino, Bikerdude Icon_mirror.pngIcon_forum.png L 2010-04-29 229.8 Yes Church/Cathedral; City Missions; Outdoor/Pagan, Mansion/Estate Spiders, Undead
Heart of Lone Salvation, The
(v.2.0, 2014/04/12)
Fidcal, Baddcog, Bikerdude Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png W L 2010-04-02 41 No Thief's Den City Missions Spiders
Lord Dufford's stumpy Icon_forum.png L 2010-03-31 22 No City Missions
Builder's Influence, The
Railgun, Springheel Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.pngIcon_forum.png L 2010-03-20 15 No Corbin Castle/Fortress
Business as Usual
(v3.0 2013/01/19)
Bikerdude Bloodgate.pngIcon_mirror.pngIcon_forum.pngIcon_forum.png 2010-01-14 16.1 No GCC 09 Sewers
Sons of Baltona 1, The Carnage Bloodgate.png Icon_mirror.pngIcon_forum.png 2010-01-09 3 No GCC 09 / Baltona 1 Mansion/Estate
Living Expenses Sonosuke Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png 2010-01-02 6 No GCC 09 Mansion/Estate
Trapped! RailGun Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png 2009-12-30 6 No Jail/Prison
Parcel, The Xonze Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png 2009-12-24 7 No GCC 09 Mansion/Estate
Too Late Nielsen74 Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png 2009-12-24 4 No GCC 09 Warehouse
Thieves Silencium, RailGun, Fidcal Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png 2009-11-26 9 No
Unofficial EFX Build
City Missions
Patently Dangerous
(v.2.0 EFX, 2021/01/03)
demagogue Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png 2009-10-31 22.5 Yes City Missions
Dark Mod Training Mission, The TDM Team Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png 2009-10-17 6 No Official Campaign Training
Crown of Penitence, The Jesps Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png 2009-10-16 12 No Mansion/Estate
Chalice of Kings, The
(v.2.0, 2015/09/24) (Bikerdude and Xarg)
Fidcal Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png L 2009-10-15 3 No Thief's Den Castle/Fortress
Outpost, The angua, greebo Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png 2008-12-23 2 No Castle/Fortress
Mission 2: Tears of Saint Lucia, The
(v.3.0, 2017/02/14)
TDM Team Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png L Briefing 2008-10-21 20.3 No Official Campaign Church/Cathedral Spiders
Closemouthed Shadows
(v.2.0, 2012/01/15)
LordSavage, Bikerdude Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png 2008-09-21 2 No Closemouthed Shadows 1 Mansion/Estate
Thief's Den
(v.2.0, 2010/07/04)
Fidcal, greebo Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png W L 2008-01-18 3 No Thief's Den City Missions

To see a speculative list of Upcoming Fan Missions, please visit: Upcoming Fan Missions

Table notes

Links Key

Icon_forum.png Link to discussion in Forums
[ Icon_mirror.png] Misc. download mirror
Bloodgate.png Bloodgate download mirror
L Loot list
W Walkthrough

Mission Type Key

Bear in mind that individual FMs can have combinations of two or three of these overarching genres/themes, rather than just a single one.

Bank Jobs Fan mission involving a heist or other thievy action inside a local banking institution. Will often contain the outsmarting of security systems, gaining access to a safe and cracking its code.
Castle/Fortress Fan mission involving a heist or other thievy action inside or outside a castle or fortress, either one that serves as a military garrison, or as someone's private residence. Frequently involves background characters from the nobility.
City Missions Fan mission that is set mainly in the streets and public spaces of an urban area, such as a town or city. Though the player is most often out on the streets, these missions tend to also involve some degree of exploration and infiltration into private and public buildings alike.
Church/Cathedral Fan mission set in and around religious buildings and institutions, such as churches, monasteries, cathedrals, church bureaus, church workshops, etc. Frequently involves ecclesiastical characters from the TDM setting's Builder Church.
Experimental Fan mission which involves some creative design or gameplay element that isn't typical for the vast majority of TDM missions. FMs set in highly unusual environments, or with a puzzle-like nature, can fit under this label.
Inn/Tavern Fan mission set mostly in and around an inn, tavern or shanty. Usually focused on robbing some rich guest, acquiring an item stored by the guest at the inn, or gathering intel at the inn.
Jail/Prison Fan mission involving an escape from a prison (by the imprisoned player character), infiltration of a prison to gather intel from inmates or help an inmate escape the prison, etc.
Lost Civilizations Fan mission focused on the exploration of ancient ruins, whether above ground or in deep subterranean caverns. Can often overlap with the Horror or Tombs, Catacombs & Crypts type of mission, but not necessarily.
Horror Fan mission with an overt horror theme. Depending on the author's approach and intentions, it can focus on psychological horror, or horror based on danger from supernatural threats, or varying combinations of both.
Mansion/Estate Fan mission involving a heist or other thievy action inside someone's private residence (a fancy house, a manor house) and its surrounding grounds. Frequently involves background characters from the nobility or the more affluent townsmen or citizens.
Museum Heists Fan mission focusing on a heist in a museum, art gallery or other institution storing priceless artefacts, artworks, gemstone collections, etc.
Outdoor/Caves Fan mission set in a mostly natural outdoor environment, but involving the exploration of natural caves and caverns.
Outdoor/Daylight Fan mission set in a mostly outdoor environment, during the daytime (in contrast to the usual TDM missions, set at night time or early dusk).
Outdoor/Pagan Fan mission set in a mostly natural outdoor environment, involving some presence of pagan tribes from TDM's setting. Perhaps even pagan camps and settlements.
Pirate Fan mission involving the presence of characters engaging in piracy or smuggling, and various related piratical themes. Can overlap with the Ship type of mission, but not necessarily.
Platforming/Jumping Fan mission focusing on testing the player's movement, jumping and climbing skills, with or without equipment.
Sewers Fan mission which involves the use of the city sewers or others sewers in some way, often as a stealthy means of entry or escape.
Ship Fan mission which takes place aboard a vessel, in port or at sea, or otherwise involves ships to a great degree. Can overlap with the Pirate type of mission, but not necessarily.
Thieves' Highway / Rooftop Fan mission involving a lot of movement and travel on the rooftops of a town or city (colloquially "The Thieves' Highway").
Tombs, Catacombs & Crypts Fan mission involving the exploration of old tombs, catacombs and crypts, often for the purposes of treasure and artefact hunting. Can often overlap with the Horror or Lost Civilizations type of mission, but not necessarily.
Training Fan mission label that is unique to the official Training Mission, an open-ended tutorial mission where players can practice and test their TDM gameplay skills at their own leisure, and to the smaller blackjacking-trainer FM, which focuses on practicing NPC knockouts by the player.
Warehouse Fan mission which takes place in and around a warehouse, usually in some industrial area of a city, or at a port.

Contest Key

GCC 09: Grand Christmas Contest 2009

SVC 10: Summer Vertical Contest 2010

CSC 11: Community Seasons Contest 2011

HSC 11: Halloween Speed-Build Contest 2011

CBC 12: Community Beginner Contest 2012

CUC 13: Community Unusual Contest 2013

HSC 14: Halloween Speed-Build Contest 2014

HSC 15: Halloween Speed-Build Contest 2015

Editing this table

  • Please only include playable missions that are fully released, not those currently in development or testing. Tutorials, demos, prefabs, etc. should be listed elsewhere.
  • A mission title may be listed in plain text as a record of release, or preferably a link to an information page or primary direct download.
  • List by release date descending (newest at the top).
  • If a fan mission only has a single mirror/host please consider adding additional mirrors.

See also

  • Fan Mission Series - An overview of all currently known series or campaigns of fan missions interconnected by their stories or characters. There are already plenty in TDM, and have been since its early days as an expandable game.
  • Mission recommendation discussions - An overview of past discussions on what FMs the community recommends to players looking for various challenges (difficulty, size, theme, setting, objectives, etc.).
  • Fan Mission Contests - An overview of past and present contests in Fan Mission creation, by members of the TDM community.
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