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These FAQs relate to pre-release missions such as Thief's Den and Tears of Saint Lucia:

What Doom versions are supported?

Can I use the Demo version of Doom 3?

No, sorry.

Does it run with the Steam version of Doom 3?

Yes :) You need to install the mod into the directory where Steam put Doom3, this might be under:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\doom 3

or a similiar folder.

Patching Doom 3 to verson

How can I check whether my Doom 3 is correctly patched?

Open Doom 3 and hit Ctrl+Alt+~ (tilde, ^ on German keyboards) to open the console. You'll see the version printed in the lower left corner of the console. It should read If your version is ending on 1302, you've got the wrong patch installed.

Where can I get the right patch?

We have the patch hosted on our FTP. See the Installation article to find a link to it.

If you have version, you may need to uninstall and reinstall before patch will let you apply it.

What's that issue with the 1.3.1 patch?

When the 1.3.1 patch was released by Id, they released it a bit too early. Some download sites picked it up quite fast though and started to distribute it. The problem is, that Id replaced that patch with a different one, and, probably thinking that it hadn't spread yet, didn't bother to change the version number. However, you can still find "wrong" 1.3.1 patches and these will not work with the mod. That's why it is important to check the version number in the console to make sure that the right 1.3.1 patch is installed if the mod doesn't work. The link provided here on our own page points to the correct patch, so if you downloaded it from here you don't need to worry about it.

Supported Operating Systems

Which Windows versions can I use?

Doom 3 needs at least Windows XP or Windows 2000. Saint Lucia was successfully run under Windows XP and Vista. Support for 64 bit Windows or Windows 2000 was not tested.

Does it run in Linux?

Yes, Linux is supported. You may need:

  • the package libdevil1, use your package manager to install libdevil1 or libdevil1c2
  • either Wine or p7zip to extract the contents from the EXE file
  • only for Thief's Den: recompile the map via the console, or the pathfinding of the AI is broken

Does it run in 64 Bit Linux?

Yes, Linux 64 bit is supported. In addition to the steps above, you need 32 bit compatibility libraries, since Doom3 is 32 bit only:

  • On SuSE, they should be included.
  • On Ubuntu/Kubuntu, install the package ia32.
  • Since you cannot install 32 bit libraries on a 64 bit system with the normal package manager, you should use getlibs to install libdevil and libmng:
getlibs libIL.so.1
getlibs libmng.so.1
For saintlucia only: getlibs -l libboost-filesystem1.34.1

What about Gentoo?

Use emerge devil to install the libdevil1 library.

What about Ubuntu 8.10?

Yes. As of this writing you will need to install the libboost-filesystem package.

If you get an error about GLIBCXX_3.4.9, delete or rename the files /usr/local/games/doom3/libstdc++.so.6 and /usr/local/games/doom3/libgcc_s.so.1.

Does it run on Mac OS X?

No. Or at least not yet. The Doom 3 game itself does support Mac OS X, but The Dark Mod currently does not because we don't have any developers who use Macs. If you can help us getting it to run on OS X, please let us know on the forum.

Since TDM works on Linux already, getting it working on OS X should not be too difficult for anyone with experience programming for that platform. In theory it's just a question of figuring out how to build the mod, sorting out dependencies, and writing a few pieces of platform-specific code.


Does TDM support widescreen resolutions?

Yes. Choose "16:9" or "16:10" in the in-game Settings menu, and select the appropriate resolution. Note that you need to restart the game to have the new setting in effect.

If the native resolution of your wide screen monitor is not listed, you can enter it into DoomConfig.cfg by changing the following entries like so:

set r_mode -1
set r_customwidth 1280
set r_customheight 800 

Note that if you get performance problems, it might be better to halve the resolution in both directions. Please see also Performance Tweaks.


It is hard to answer question on why something fails, because wildly different systems cause wildy different symptoms. If the following section does not help you, please ask at out our forums.

The game crashes on load

Make sure that:

  • the downloaded file was really downloaded correctly, and could be extracted completely
  • you extracted the contents to your Doom 3 directory
  • the DevIL.dll file is in your base Doom 3 directory
  • Your system meets at least the minimum system specs
  • You have enough free main memory. Try closing a few running programs like Outlook, Anti-Virus or torrent clients

Unknown event 'moveToCoverFrom'"

If you get a message like:

ERROR: Error: file script\doom_events.script, line 1038: Unknown event 'moveToCoverFrom'

or see this in the log:

found DLL in pak file: C:\Programfiler\Doom 3\saintlucia\darkmod.pk4/gamex86.dll
copy gamex86.dll to C:\Programfiler\Doom 3\saintlucia\gamex86.dll
could not create destination file

then try extracting that gamex86.dll manually from darkmod.pk4 with Winzip or a similiar program into that folder.

The reason is very probably that you installed Doom3 into a folder with a space in it, and it seems Doom3 does not like that. Sorry.

Textures are missing, screen mostly black

Black textures

Look into your DoomConfig.cfg inside your saintlucia or thiefsden folder and check that the following settings are like shown below:

 seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "1"
 seta image_useNormalCompression "2"
 seta image_useAllFormats "1"
 seta image_useCompression "1"
 seta image_preload "1"

The briefing is very fuzzy

Look into your DoomConfig.cfg inside your saintlucia or thiefsden folder and check that the following settings are like shown below:

seta image_roundDown "1"
seta image_forceDownSize "0"
seta image_downSize "0"

The sky is corrupted

You either see black sky, or fragments of other textures. This seems only to happen on Geforce 6800 cards.

There are two fixes for this:

As a quick fix you can rename the following folder:


to an different name. That will result in black sky.

Alternatively, edit the file materials/tdm_sky.mtr with Wordpad or a different editor and find the sky material named textures/darkmod/nature/skybox/skybox_darkland_NE:

 //Author: Dram
 //skybox_ocean with ocean replaced with dark land
 //Moon moved to north east by Fidcal
    qer_editorimage env/skyboxes/skybox_ocean/ocean_ed
        blend add
        cameraCubeMap env/skyboxes/skybox_darkland_ne/darkland_NE
        texgen skybox
        texgen wobblesky .0 .0 .0

In this declaration, comment out the line that reads forceHighQuality by adding // in front of it:

 // forceHighQuality

That should fix the sky and make it render correctly.

The game is very slow!

If you get loading times of 5 minutes or more, less than 10 FPS, or the game even stutters, please try this:

Look into your DoomConfig.cfg inside your saintlucia or thiefsden folder and check that the following settings are like shown below:

 seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "1"
 seta image_useNormalCompression "2"
 seta image_useAllFormats "1"
 seta image_useCompression "1"
 seta image_preload "1"

If that doesn't help, your system might run out of memory. Either upgrade to more than 1 Gbyte memory, or try to close some other applications before playing.

Please see also the article about Performance Tweaks to improve the performance.

Known bugs

Changing the screen resolution/aspect ratio does nothing!?

These changes require a restart of Doom to work. Currently, our GUI does not warn you about this. You can enter vid_restart in the console to restart the renderer without quitting the game.