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Can I use the Demo version of Doom 3?
Almost certainly not.
How can I check whether my Doom 3 is correctly patched?
Open Doom 3 and hit Ctrl+Alt+~ (tilde, ^ on German keyboards) to open the console. You'll see the version printed in the lower left corner of the console. It should read If your version is ending on 1302, you've got the wrong patch installed.
Where can I get the right patch?
We have the patch hosted on our FTP. See above to find a link to it.
If you have version, you may need to uninstall and reinstall before patch will let you apply it.
What's that issue with the 1.3.1 patch?
When the 1.3.1 patch was released by Id, they released it a bit too early. Some download sites picked it up quite fast though and started to distribute it. The problem is, that Id replaced that patch with a different one, and, probably thinking that it hadn't spread yet, didn't bother to change the version number. However, you can still find "wrong" 1.3.1 patches and these will not work with the mod. That's why it is important to check the version number in the console to make sure that the right 1.3.1 patch is installed if the mod doesn't work. The link provided here on our own page points to the correct patch, so if you downloaded it from here you don't need to worry about it.
Does it run with the Steam version of Doom 3?
Yes :)
Which Windows versions can I use?
Doom 3 needs at least Windows XP or Windows 2000. Saint Lucia was successfully run under Windows XP and Vista. Support for 64 bit Windows or Windows 2000 was not tested.
Does it run in Linux?
Yes, Linux is supported. You may need:
  • the package libdevil1,
  • either Wine or p7zip to extract the contents from the EXE file
  • recompile the map via the console, or the pathfinding of the AI is broken
  • use your package manager to install libdevil1 or libdevil1c2
Does it run in 64 Bit Linux?
Yes, Linux 64 bit is supported. In addition to the steps above, you need 32 bit compatibility libraries, since Doom3 is 32 bit only:
  • On SuSE, they should be included.
  • On Ubuntu/Kubuntu, install the package ia32.
  • Since you cannot install 32 bit libraries on a 64 bit system with the normal package manager, you should use getlibs to install libdevil and libmng:
getlibs libIL.so.1
getlibs libmng.so.1
Does it run in MacOS?
No. Or at least not yet. The Doom 3 game itself is supporting MacOS, but The Dark Mod is not - mainly because we don't have anyone developing on Macs. If you can help us getting it to run on MacOS, please apply at the forum.
Changing the screen resolution/aspect ratio does nothing!?
These changes require a restart of Doom to work. Currently, our GUI does not warn you about this. You can enter vid_restart in the console to restart the renderer without quitting the game.