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This article provides a brief overview of the player character's in-game equipment.

Melee weapons

  • Blackjack - stealthy weapon used for stealthy knock outs of some non-player characters
  • Shortsword - bladed weapon used as a sidearm for self-defence

Ranged weapons

  • Bow - always available to the the player, as long as there are arrows in the quiver
  • Broadhead arrows - standard arrows for offensive use
  • Water arrows - special alchemical arrows for putting out fire-based light sources
  • Moss arrows - special magical arrows for dampening footsteps on loud surfaces
  • Noisemaker arrows - special clockwork arrows that serve as sound-based decoys
  • Rope arrows - special mechanical arrows that deploy rope and allow for vertical traversal
  • Vine arrows - special magical arrows that deploy vines on flat walls to make them climbable
  • Gas arrows - special mechanical arrows that deploy a small cloud of sleeping gas
  • Fire arrows - special alchemical arrows that explode violently and loudly on impact


  • Flashbomb - mechanical stun bomb that dazes an adversary for a short while
  • Mines - mechanical explosives with a flat profile, explode once triggered


  • Lockpicks - essential tools for unlocking doors, gates and windows
  • Compass - helps the player character find his or her bearings if confused
  • Spyglass - allows observing the magnified view of an area safely from afar
  • Lantern - offers a light source for dark locations that can be quickly covered
  • Slow match - allows for lighting things with a slight smouldering fire

Potions and substances

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