DarkRadiant - Quick Installation Guide

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  1. Download the DarkRadiant installer (it's the .exe file) from the github release page: https://github.com/codereader/DarkRadiant/releases
  2. Run the installer and follow the instructions until it finishes.
  3. Start up DarkRadiant via the Start menu.
  4. Go to edit -> preferences. Under the Game Settings, set your Engine Path as the path to the folder with your TheDarkMod.exe) example: C:/games/darkmod
  5. The fs_game setting should point to your current fm folder. For example, Mod (fs_game): fms/myfirstfm (always include the fms/ first)
  6. DarkRadiant should now start up. Try loading a Dark Mod map to see if it's working.
  7. You're done!


For Ubuntu (and official variants like Kubuntu), please use the package in the Software Center to get the "darkradiant" package which is maintained by the Debian Games Group.

If there is no binary package for your distribution, you need to download the source and compile DarkRadiant.

After the compilation, use make install to install DarkRadiant into your system. You can then start it with simply darkradiant.

Quick Mini-Tutorial

This is definitely not comprehensive, but here are some of the things you really must know to get started:

  • To move around in the 3D view, use the arrow keys. The Click the right mouse button toggles mouselook.
  • To select things, hold down SHIFT and use the Click the left mouse button.
  • To add brushes, Click the left mouse button and drag the mouse in a 2D view.
  • To add other things (lights, entities, models) right-click in a 2D view to get a context menu.
  • To get a preview of your map with lighting in the 3D view, press F3. It's a bit slow (especially to initialise), but we're working on that. Pressing F3 again will go back to the normal fullbright view.

Please continue with the Dark Radiant Must Know Basic Intro or Fidcal's A - Z Beginner Full Guide Start Here! article.

Also, poke around in the Preferences dialog (press P) if you feel like customizing anything. Happy mapping!