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The information in this article is superseded by the entityDef article.

def file description

A .def file, or Definition file defines characteristics of an entity. It defines characteristics such as frobability (can player use it, pick it up?), a list of animations, sounds an object makes, and a bounding box for the object among many other options. If an object has a .def file it will need to be created as an entity in the editor, not a model, although its model can still be referenced in the model viewer.

An example of a .def file and its contents

Tags such as this are in .def files that describe a catagory of objects:

"editor_var density"

but are not needed in individual objects .def files,


//moveable objects
entityDef moveable_base {
   "inherit"				"atdm:frobable_base"
   "editor_color"			"0 .5 .8"
   "editor_mins"			"?"
   "editor_maxs"			"?"
   "editor_rotatable"			"1"
   "editor_usage2"			"Moveable object. Will drop to the floor and rest untill activated."
   "editor_usage3"			"The visual model set with the 'model' key can also be used for"
   "editor_usage4"			"collision detection. However the model may not be too complex."
   "editor_usage5"			"max vertices = 32"
   "editor_usage6"			"max edges = 32"
   "editor_usage7"			"max polygons = 16"
   "editor_usage8"			"max edges per polygon = 16"
   "editor_usage9"			"The collision model must be an enclosed hull. Dangling polygons or"
   "editor_usage10"			"edges are not allowed. If the visual model is too complex or does"
   "editor_usage11"			"not meet these requirements it can be contained in a less complex"
   "editor_usage12"			"model for collision detection. Such a collision model is specified with the"
   "editor_usage13"			"'clipmodel' key."
   "editor_var density"		"Volume of the object times the density is the mass."
   "editor_var friction"		"Friction with contacting surfaces in the range [0-1] where 0 is no friction."
   "editor_var bouncyness"		"How much the object bounces in the range [0-1] where 0 is no bounce."
   "editor_var mass"			"Mass of the object (overrides density)."
   "editor_model clipmodel"		"Model to be used for collision detection."
   "editor_var clipshrink"		"Shrink the visual model with an epsilon and use it as a clip model."
   "editor_var allowStep"		"Set to 0 to prevent monsters from ever walking over this object."
   "editor_var nonsolid"		"Make the object non-solid."
   "editor_bool nodrop"		"Do not drop to the floor."
   "editor_bool noimpact"		"Do not activate by the impact of other objects."
   "editor_bool notpushable"		"Do not allow to be pushed."
   "editor_bool unbindondeath"		"Unbind entity when health drops down to or below zero."
   "editor_var health"			"If set the visual model changes to 'broken' when the health drops down to or below zero."
   "editor_model broken"		"Visual model to be used when the health drops down to or below zero."
   "editor_bool explode"		"If set to 1 the moveable explodes and is removed when the health drops down to or below zero."
   "editor_var init_velocity"		"Initial linear velocity set when activated."
   "editor_var init_avelocity"		"Initial angular velocity set when activated."
   "editor_var init_velocityDelay"	"Delay in seconds before the initial linear velocity is set after being activated."
   "editor_var init_avelocityDelay"	"Delay in seconds before the initial angular velocity is set after being activated."
   "editor_var initialSplineTime"	"Number of milliseconds the moveable should follow the initial spline path."
   "editor_var damage"			"Damage definition if it damages things it collides with"
   "editor_var damageWhenActive"	"Only damage when active ( currently for the vagary and influence stuff )"
   "editor_var fx_collide"		"FX system to start at impact position when object collides."
   "spawnclass"			"idMoveable"
   "density"				"0.5"
   "friction"				"0.05"
   "bouncyness"			"0.6"
   "explode"				"0"
   "unbindondeath"			"0"
   "health"				"0"
   "nodrop"				"0"
   "noimpact"				"0"
   "notPushable"			"0"
   "clipshrink"			"0"
   "allowStep"				"1"
   "snd_bounce"			"book_impact"

   "frobable"				"1"
   "frob_action_script"		""
entityDef moveable_wrench {
   "inherit"				"moveable_base"
   "model"				"models/mapobjects/filler/monkeywrench.lwo"
   "density"				"0.05"
   "friction"				"0.1"
   "bouncyness"			"0.3"
   "nonsolid"				"1"