Creating Headlines, Bold and Italic Text

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The Wiki language is pretty simple, I will show you some examples of the most important formatting features this Wiki provides.

Creating a Headline

To create a fancy headline like the one right above this line, just put the "=" sign before and after the title, like this:

== This is a Top-Level Headline ==

There exist several levels of headlines:

== This is a Top-Level Headline ==
=== This is a Second-Level Headline ===
==== This is a Third-Level Headline ====

Those three should be sufficient for any Wiki page.

And remember to always start with ==, so the first level you are using has two equal sign.

Bold and Italic Texts

Just highlight any text in the editor and click on the according icons right above the editor text field:

  • button_bold.png for Bold text
  • button_italic.png for Italic text

As you will see, the highlighted text will be surrounded by single quotation marks. Two for italic text, three for bold text.

'''Bold text'''
''Italic text''

Colored texts

Please do not use many different colors, and if you must use colored text, use one of the provided templates:

  • {{red|Your red text goes here}} => Your red text goes here
  • {{green|Your green text goes here}} => Your green text goes here
  • {{blue|Your blue text goes here}} => Your blue text goes here


{{infobox|This is an info box}} will be shown like this:

This is an info box

You can recolor the background, and use wiki-markup inside the text:

{{infobox|bg=#a0ffa0|text=This is an info box}} will be shown like this:

This is a green info box.

More information can be found on the page of the template itself.