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There are several possibilites to create a new Wiki Article, the two simplest ones are described here.

The Easy Way

Click the link in the left sidebar: New Article and use the provided form to enter the article title.

In a Wiki the link to an article often exists before the article itself. Links to non-existing pages always appear in red and clicking on them automatically opens up the editor.

Edit an existing page and create a link to your (not yet existing) article

Just write the title of your upcoming article in double brackets:

[[Test Article]]

Save the page and the link to your article now appears in red. Click on it, and can start editing your new article.

You can also alternatively...

Type the title of your new article into the search field to the left

DarkWiki will complain that no such page exists and you can now click on the red link "create this page". The editor will appear and you can start writing.