Climbables, Ladders, etc.

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written by Fidcal

Any surface, object, or brush can be made climbable in Dark Mod whether a ladder, drainpipe, ivy, etc.

Create a brush and give it the texture common > ladder and it becomes climbable. If you don't want your climbable to sound like a ladder, try the new ladder textures with new sounds. There's even a silent one just in case you have some special situation or none of the others is appropriate.

The brush itself is unrendered, invisible. Place it next to our around the object or brush you want to be climbable. There are model ladders in the model selector at darkmod > architecture > ladders. Drainpipes can be made with patch cylinders.

If you have applied the ladder texture to the entire brush and surround the ladder then it will be climbable on all sides. Where you only want one surface to be climbable then you can just surface one side of the brush or place it in front of the surface instead of surrounding it.

Make sure the climbable brush surfaces are close to the object to be climbed else the player will be climbing too far from it. But also make sure it is clear of the visible surface or the player will not be able to contact the invisible climbable surface.

Test and check specifically that the player can get on and off the climbable at both ends as easily as in real life! Avoid protusions and overhangs that might block the player. Often it might be preferable to raise the top level of the climbable to player height above the exit surface so the player can climb to the top it and step sideways rather than climbing up off the climbable or (sometimes more awkwardly) climbing down onto it.

Use your imagination for more interesting climbables not just ladders. Iron rungs set in a wall, a chain, etc. But remember sometimes to indicate the unexpected to the player so they don't get stuck. An empty room with a hole in the middle of the ceiling and a chain hanging down through it is inviting the player without further clue but discreet pegs in a wall might go unnoticed so consider a hint, at least on the easier difficulties!