Broadhead Arrows

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Broadhead icon.png

The most conventional of all arrows in the game. They are equipped with a simple broad arrowhead, similar to arrowheads useful for hunting, guard duty, and other civilian and basic military applications.

Like all arrows in the game, broadheads are ineffective against plate armour, but can penetrate lighter and more flexible armours, and are highly effective against unarmoured targets' soft tissues.

Shooting adversaries in the head or upper torso is the most sure-fire way to injure them or kill them.

However, as you are a thief focusing on stealth and not a warrior, you should use broadheads offensivelly only as a last resort. Reserve them for shooting dangerous creatures and small monsters vulnerable to arrows, while trying to avoid shooting people as much as possible.

In addition to offensive functions, broadheads can also be used to create noise by shooting into very loud surfaces in close proximity to NPCs, or be used to knock down small, light objects from places, or possibly even press buttons or hit switches from afar.

For those interested, there are no bodkin arrows in the game, only broadheads. Neither bodkins nor broadheads could injure heavily armoured guards (wearing plate armour). The player will mostly be confronting unarmoured people and creatures, making broadheads by far the best choice for a conventional offensive arrow (as they will see use against soft tissues and softer surfaces).

If the player desires more offensive firepower in the game, there are the fire arrows. However, they are rare, expensive, best rationed for defense against monsters, and are extremely unstealthy.

In-game description

Broadhead arrow: Steel-tipped arrows used by hunters, warriors, and assassins. They will not penetrate thick metal armour.



Broadhead arrow

Nocking and aiming a broadhead arrow.png

Picking up, nocking and aiming a broadhead arrow

Recovering broadhead arrow.png

Recovering a broadhead arrow for further shooting needs (the arrow is only recoverable after sticking into wood and soft materials)


  • Arrows vs Armour - A detailed documentary video with testing by historical archery experts. Shows that the The Dark Mod's depiction of arrows as being of limited use against plate armour is historically accurate. (Clothing and more penetrable armour types are more pliant.)

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