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This page contains a list of key bindings and other user-modifiable settings.

This is technical information intended for advanced users and developers; most users will want to choose their settings via the main menu.


To add a keybind in the DarkmodKeybinds.cfg file, look at the following examples of the syntax:

bind "ESCAPE" "togglemenu"
bind "SPACE" "_moveup"
bind "#" "_mlook"
bind "+" "_impulse48"
bind "0" "_impulse10"
bind "^" "_impulse0"
bind "a" "_moveleft"
; compass
bind "c" "inventory_hotkey '#str_02397'"
bind "d" "_moveright"
; spyglass
bind "g" "inventory_use '#str_02396'"
; keys
bind "k" "inventory_cycle_group '#str_02392'"
; lantern
bind "l" "inventory_use '#str_02395'"
bind "m" "inventory_cycle_maps"
; lockpicks
bind "p" "inventory_cycle_group '#str_02389'"
; readables
bind "r" "inventory_cycle_group '#str_02391'"
bind "s" "_back"

Note that some keys have special names (SPACE, ENTER, ESCAPE), and some items are referred to by their string template to make it work with internationalization.


  • unbindall: Removes all keybinds. Used at the start of the config.
  • _impulse0: Open the Console (Default: ^)
  • togglemenu: Toggle the menu (Default: ESC)
  • _impulse19: Toggle objectives menu (Default: O)
  • _impulse40: Grab item with grabber

Weapons Related

  • _impulse14: Previous weapon
  • _impulse15: Next weapon

Movement Related


  • _button5: Creep (Default: CTRL)
  • _impulse24: Mantle (without jumping)
  • _impulse41: Frob
  • _impulse44: Lean Forward (Default: F)
  • _impulse45: Lean Left (Default: Q)
  • _impulse46: Lean Right (Default: E)
  • _impulse23: Crouch


  • tdm_toggle_crouch: If set to 1 it causes the crouch button to act as a toggle. (Note: the D3 (Doom 3) native "in_toggleCrouch" will not apply to TDM anymore).
  • in_toggleRun: If set to 1 it causes the run button to act as a toggle.
  • in_alwaysRun: If set to 1, the player will always run (not very useful in a stealth game).

Inventory Related

  • _impulse47 : Previous item.
  • _impulse48 : Next item.
  • _impulse49 : Previous group.
  • _impulse50 : Next group.
  • _impulse51 : Inventory Use item.
  • _impulse52 : Inventory Drop item.
  • inventory_hotkey [item] : Used for setting up inventory hotkeys.
  • inventory_hotkey : Used by itself, it returns the hotkey string of the currently selected item, if one exists.
  • inventory_hotkey someItem : Given a hotkey string, it selects a matching item.
  • inventory_hotkey "" : The empty string hotkey has a special meaning; it unselects inventory items.
For example, with the compass selected, the inventory_hotkey would return "Compass". Then typing inventory_hotkey Compass will select the compass, if you have one.
  • inventory_cycle_group [category] : Used for cycling through a specific group of items (e.g. lockpicks or keys). The name refers to the inv_category spawnarg.
  • inventory_cycle_group Keys : This will cycle through the available keys in the inventory (and wrap around).
Note: From v1.7 and onwards you should not use the English names of inventory categories or items, but instead their string template number. This ensures that the key bindings work regardless of the language you select in the Settings menu.

Legacy stuff

These commands from Doom 3 are no longer used.

  • _impulse20: Change team
  • _impulse22: Spectate
  • _impulse28: Cast Yes vote
  • _impulse29: Cast No vote


  • The list of available Dark Mod Cvars can be found here: Cvars
  • The list of available D3 Cvars can be found here: Doom 3 Cvars


The List of available D3 console commands can be found here: Doom 3 Console Commands

See also Console Useful Controls